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What is a 10 sack?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Coldgreenetea, Oct 30, 2009.

  1. So, I have never bought weed before, just get it from buddies of mine. But I cant mooch off of them forever, so I'm going to plan on buying a 10 sack. My friend said its 10$ worth of weed, I originally thought it was 1.0 grams of weed. Honestly I have no idea of how much to buy, or if i should say i want a gram. Ive smoked his stuff before and its just some mids, nothing special. Do I just say I want a grams worth? or I want 10$ worth?
    And, how much do you guys think a 10sack should weigh?
  2. Where I live $10 gets you 2 grams of reggie or .5 of kush (yes I have bought .5 lol) but it all depends on area and queality of weed
  3. You and your friend are both right. The '10' in ten sack refers to the amount you pay, 10 dollars. And for 10 dollars you get 1 gram of weed. However there is more expensive weed called dank that goes for 20 dollars a gram, so you wouldn't call a gram of dank a '10 sack.' But the term 10 sack usually only refers to 10 a gram weed called mids, whch is what you are buying.

    When you are buying just say you want a 10 sack if thats what you want to spend.
  4. here a 5 dollar sack is a gram and a 10 is 2 grams for regs and for dank its 20 for a gram
  5. 10 sacks are never worth buying imo. Thats like, a single hit right there lol.
  6. It really depends upon the area and the dealer, as well as the weed. I'd ask the friends you normally smoke with. My area, $10 will get you around 1 gram of weed. My dealer hooks me up with 1.5 for $10 of dank, but i've gotten 2 grams for $10 before, normally it's lower grade weed however.
  7. it's a sack of marijuana worth 10 dollars.
  8. Ditto. Weight varies with different types of weed.
  9. yeah just ask for a 10 sack.and if your idea of mids is weed with seeds then you'll get 2 grams. if your idea of mids are weed that's like chronic,then you'll get 1 gram. and if it's stanky danky then you'll get half a gram.
  10. 3.5 around here for 10 bucks
  11. Wow, you take big hits.
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    basically by getting a 10 sack your almost a joke to the guy selling, but my personal favorites are "fatty fives" haha. I would never ask for anything under 20$ because its not worthwhile for the guy. Unless he's your buddy id buy more. generally speaking you can get half an 1/8th of some decent stuff for 20$~ish (1.75 gram). Perhaps the second purchase you can get a 10 sack since you know the guy & it is repeated business.

    Honestly if you get a 10 sack id say don't expect more than 1 gram unless he will hook you up the first time (a good business practices a smart dealer takes) Prices and quantity vary where you live too. also if your getting some dirt or shwag then expect more than a gram minimum.

    expect .5-1+ gram for 10$ if its "chronic" which will most likely actually just be some mids. Id get 10 more dollars and ask about the half an eighth. Basically try not to be cheap my friend. Enjoy.
  13. Well it depends on the quality and the dealer. Just ask "can you hook it up for 10?" and see what he does, anything over a gram n a 1/2 of some commercial regular green is normal (my dude does 2g), a gram is how much it takes to roll a cigarillo normally for a blunt just so you get a good idea. More power to yuh, and keep the dough circulating :p
  14. cannabis is most commonly bought by asking for a specific amount like a gram or an eighth and then they give you a price
  15. Give him $10 for a gram, and ask for a gram.
  16. W T F

    You guys are all so lucky. For good weed its like .4 for 10 or 1 gram of mids for 10 around here. Although, I am getting 1.8 grams of some beasters for 20 tomorrow :) Can't wait haven't smoked since last weekend.
  17. what? beasters in 10 a g here, aka 20 for 2 gs haha. getting 1.8g of anything just sounds kinda weird to me. i mean .5 is specific enough...haha
  18. Yeah it's weird as hell, most dealers around here don't even weigh their bags. (Fuck high school.) My friend bought it for me and he weighed it and said it was 1.8 G's.
  19. A 10 sack is 2 grams of reggie and a gram of chronic
  20. 10 bucks'o'weed!
    Up here in Canada eh I get around 2.5ish grams, basically my dealer runs on 10 sacks, 30 sacks or 50 sacks, anything above that he weighs and sells at 5 dollars a gram.
    If you get close with a good dealer you can usually get good hookups or even deals, so blaze him up once in awhile, dealers aren't gonna rip you if you blaze with them, they pitch alot!

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