What is 500 g/m2 equivalent to in ounces ?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Wardman75, Oct 6, 2010.

  1. cant figure out how many ounces 500 g/m2 is ? I know it means meters squared just need the equivalent in ounces ?
  2. it means under perfect conditions you can grow 17 oz's per square meter of grow space...so go 75% of that max for a good grower and half for a rookie:smoke:
  3. ok that makes a little more sense now :smoke:
  4. its a thing breeders say but unless you have a huge production grow is just a guide to the size of yeild a plant gives...454 grams in a lb..so 500g...little over a pound..if your lookin' for strain advice check tkb's strain guide in the seedbank forum..and check out attitude seed bank...great selection..good specials...good ship results...peace deacon:smoke:
  5. Nice thanks I've actually ordered some stuff from the attitude last year good site for sure thanks tho for the info man appreciate it.
  6. Also real quick to clear it up 17ounces/500g/m2 is like 8/9 ounces for intermediate growers ?
  7. Just a heads up, my strain says about 950g/m2 or so (AUH#1) for indoor. I am a beginner. Non optimal conditions, no way I'm gonna see near this yield (about 5-7 weeks from harvest) I would pretty much ignore that if your looking at plants at a seed bank. Once you optomize your room/outdoorgrow/whatever and learn some things, then that could be what you expect to see.
  8. The equivalent in ounces? 28.35 grams to an ounce, so...
  9. heres the thing 500g/m2 is not 5oo grams per plant. I wanna know what one plant from a 500g/m2 strain is around in ounces?
  10. dont know how many plants they would have per square meter..gotta figure at least 4...:smoke:

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