What instrument do you play high?

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  1. I'm in a band and when im not with them im smokin some dank, well one of my favorite things to do is play my guitar when im blazed, rock out to some zeppelin, pink floyd, john mayer, SRV, clapton, muse, all that. what do you play when your high?
  2. played sum SOAD on guitar today.
  3. Damn man looks like we got a lot in common, I love playin guitar when I'm baked....well always, but especially when i'm baked. fuckin LOVE pink floyd, led zep, and clapton.. you into Jimi Hendrix bro?
  4. The same instrument I play when I'm not high.
  5. My favorite thing to do period is to play my guitar while I'm high. I play stuff like Hendrix, Zeppelin, Floyd, Tool and RATM.
  6. yeah i whip out the guitar when im baked but i find my fingers are not as precise on the electric. I do like playing the acoustic, unfortunately my acoustic is busted and im waiting until i have enough money for a nice classical.
  7. I bow upright bass with crazy effects... Its crazy fun
  8. I can play the drums. I haven't played in YEARS but I can deff still even read the notes & play them if given to me.
  9. ive been playing drums for about a year now. everybody says im awesome for how long ive been playing. dat doja definitely helps me tho haha
  10. drums, haven't played ever since the pads got all worn out. have to save up to get new ones.
  11. My Strat is my baby.
  12. yeah i love hendrix, i rock out to him, I have a Marshall VM 2466, which is based off of his amp and sounds just like it. I love playin anytime, but getting blown, warmin up the tubes and rockin out is great, i do a lot of crazy experiments with effects and sounds.
  13. drums, piano, or guitar. Lately I like piano the most. Its fun to create melodies after many years of just playin just drums.
  14. It's all about the bass baby! I like playing Rage Against the Machine, Sublime, Leftover Crack/Choking Victim, Flogging Molly, and Bob Marley. Others to that's my favorite.
  15. Keyboard and sing

    I just sing classic songs that I really like and i make my own up too improv some random lyrics from my subconscious.
  16. I love kicking the beats on drums while stoned. I play keyboard and guitar a little too, but do more with virtual instruments in Mixcraft and Fl studios.
  17. i love FL studio. the possibiliter are endless with that program. i love making techno songs in FL
  18. i play bass mainly, but play guitar, banjo, violin, and mandolin too. i love playing RHCP, Funkadelic/Parliament, Jimi, Cream/Clapton, Zeppelin, etc. :bongin:

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