What, in your opinion, is the best stoner item?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by daChRISGUY, Jul 31, 2012.

  1. List something such as decor or a pic of your piece. Discuss!

    My favorite thing is my lava lamp. A couple nicely rolled joints will put me on my ass staring at the damn thing all day. I love it :D
  2. [quote name='"Sacerdotal"']Marijuana[/quote]

  3. Easy, mp3 player. I'm a smoke-flute soloist, and I like nothing more than to have a little green dragon in diet Squirt and just let the music play.
  4. Grinder or Bong.
  5. Yeah I'd say a bong or good old MJ itself.
  6. Besides the obvious, I'm gonna say an acoustic guitar. Nothing like jamming out after a couple rips of ol'e faithful.
  7. grinder, hate using my fingers. :cool:
  8. Munchies and lots of them..
  9. I vote a lighter

    If I don't have a pipe, bong, papers I can build something to smoke out of.

    If I don't have munchies.... Well fuck it I'll live

    But if I don't have a lighter... Then Iam truly fucked ..
  10. TACO BELL gift card
  11. this bean bag chair

  12. [quote name='"pheelgood"']Pussy[/quote]

    True that. Weed + sex = even better sex
  13. [quote name='"Thunder Struck"']this bean bag chair


    Amazing. My 3DS. I'll smoke a bowl then veg out on Ocarina of Time with 3D mode on.
  14. huge couches are nice
    also black lights
    other shit too

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