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  1. hi, can u help me?ive got a real freak of a disel ryder , this is only my second attempt at a grow and its bin real troublesome,this plants put me through the wringer, but ive learned some really invaluable lessons
    my latest problem is i got some brown spotting on some leaves, not a lot yet but a good few:eek:theyre like a red sort of colour
    its appearing on the newer growth but not the newest, these leaves also look paler with purple stems, and i think the flowering may be stunted a little, im not sure though as i dont have much to go by on that one


    im having a real hard time getting a photo that demonstrates it well for you lot so im stressing.
    she is 38 days old from a seed and up until the day before yesterday shes been in my cupboard with no extraction, just an air circulator with the door ajar.shes now in a better situation i managed to set up 20 cubic feet with extraction from ruck 100 so im hoping this will aid recovery from whatevers wrong. shes looked really good till now and i really want it all to work out as its mi only plant atm

    some other particulars-

    grown in plagron bat mix
    bio grow+bio bloom started after 28days .5ml/ltr now at 2ml/ltr (every other water)
    vegged-125wreal watts 6500kcfl- flowering(now)340realwatts
    humidity 35-45
    temp -as cool as possible-not gauged accurately as i havent devised a way of hanging my hygrometer at canopy

    im gunna try and get pictures now
    thanks for reading
  2. the pictures really dot display it as good as id like but its quite severe on some top leaves
    il try get better ones

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  3. Get some Cal-Mag and feed them at
    1/2 tsp/gal water.

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    what kind can i use, im having a hard time finding any, im just coming up with additives that look like capsules for humans

    will it be a liquid supplement?
    also i have given 1 very small teaspoon epsom salts/2litres of water twice during the grow so im fairly confident that this must be purely a calcium thing?
    i dont have lime in my mix so it would make sence i guess,is there anything else for calcium on its own? or would i better just finding the calmag

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