What in the world is happening to the US?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Sad Panda, Feb 26, 2004.

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  1. Howard Stern suspended indefinitely for violating FCC codes of indecency? What the fuck?! THAT\'S THE POINT OF THE SHOW, FUCKTARDS. Not that I\'m a huge fan of Stern, but that\'s the most ridiculous excersise of censorship I\'ve ever heard. If you had told me five years ago that Tommy Chong would be busted for paraphenelia charges and Howard Stern would be kicked off the air for being indecent, I would have laughed my ass off.

    And of course, the greatest threat to our nation right now are a bunch of happy people hugging on the steps of a courthouse in San Francisco.

    This is what you get with a Bush presidency. Welcome to fucking 1984.
  2. The womans pubic hair ......................I mean Bush was in my town this morning. Half of the roads downtown were closed because of his arrival. And while I was at work, I got to see his GRAND entrance to our fair city, on TV. While I was sitting there, watching him act like the best thing to hit our state since chicken. ( Im in KY ) I noticed something. While he looks like a normal human being, he is actually a miracle of modern science. While it LOOKS like he has everything a normal person would have, he is missing something most of us couldn\'t do without. A HEART!

    While I won\'t miss Stern at all. ( I myself would rather help or sponser retarted people in the Special Olympics, then watch them be made fun of by someone who considers himself an intellectual GIANT. ) I do think the FCC has violated his right to \'Freedom of Speech. Like girly said I didn\'t like him, so I just changed the station whenever he came on. Hopefully now, I can actually hear some music in the mornings! Wouldn\'t that be weird?
  3. Yeah, I mean, I could care less about Stern\'s show, but it\'s entirely the principle of the thing.

    And now I read that the House passed legislation making it so people who kill pregnant women are charged with both her murder and the fetus\' murder...seems like an okay idea in that context, but it\'s the start of anti-abortion backlashes, which is especially bad considerig the Supreme Court is going to take another look at Roe vs. Wade soon....keep in mind this is the same Supreme Court that voted for--I mean, appointed--Bush in 2000.

    I swear to God, if that fucking piece of shit asshole wins the election in November, I am fucking OUT of here the second I finish college.

    Canada is infinitely more sane than our country is nowadays.
  4. This one dude was debating a guy on CNN, and the guest said something about the half-time at superbowl being a \"thirty minute sex scene\", lol. It\'s that censorship bullshit; what was wrong with Stern in 1985? Nothing. What\'s wrong with Stern today? Bastards trying to censor him. If people didn\'t want to listen to Stern, they had the luxury of changing the station. The networks are just getting all weirded out.

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