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What In The World Is A Dab? And How Do I Make Some?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by SundaySativa, Jun 11, 2013.

  1. The title says it all. Do you need to extract it from the bud or just the plant?? So many questions.. 

  2. dab = wax or budder. which is just concentrated thc
  3. Why is everyone freaking out about this all the sudden? Everyone is like a "woaaah dude man a dab will do ya" "yolo" 
    Do you need a special set up for dabs?
  4. damn if anyone said yolo to me i would slap them. dabs have a higher thc then bud it can get up to the 90% if its made right. ive bought wax before my dealer charged me 30 bucks a gram thats 3x more expensive than a gram of dnak bud. in the clinics i hear they charge like 50 bucks for a gram.
    you can smoke a dab with an oil rig or you can use a vaporizer pen.
  5. Just watched some youtube videos on how to make it. Sounds like it would be fun if you had large amounts of bud and time/money for the stuff. But honestly I try to treasure an 8th of dank because I cant just drop $50 every other day. 
    Pretty neat though, I would love to come across it someday.
  6. Dabs mean a concentrated form of marijuana, known as WAX. Their is different types of wax including shadder, oil, etc. They are all still equally potent if made the same but it is just how they came out. You have to purge the wax at the end, it's a big proccess. Anyway, It ranges usually 15-40 a gram. You can tell it's the good stuff if it doesn't completely taste like butane and/or it's blonde color. Hope this helped.
  7. Dispencaries around me usually sell wax for 40-70 a gram lol. But this shit is made for people to be painless all day. One dab will do ya good. Dabs are not a healthy way to ingest cannabis so don't make it an everyday thing if you are worried about that. OH yeah, forgot to mention you need a torch and/or skillet/TI nail along with a bubbler/mini tube rig. You'll understand sooner or later.
  8. I get my BHO for around $40-50 a G, but it'll last me a good 30 sessions. One hit and I'm in spaaaace.
    And to the poster above me, dabs are totally healthy if done right. But poorly made extract can have butane in it, and THAT'S unhealthy. Gotta make sure it's great shit.
    Either one. I got 12 grams of blond wax off the trim from my harvest, without sacrificing any buds. Befriend a grower, or start growing, and you'll have all the dabs you can take.

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