What in Gods Name Is Wrong With this shit?

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    Let me just start this post just by letting you all know that I specifically made this account just to figure out what is wrong with this shit. I call it "shit" because there's no fucking way I could ever classify this stuff as "weed." Make no mistakes - I have smoked the worst most disgusting  SCHWAG you'll ever see in your life. To call this shit as "schwag" would be like calling a piece diseased crow meat "Filet Mignon." I have THOROUGHLY inspected this stuff for mold in the hopes that I at least had some moldy weed. Unfortunately, most types of mold are probably repulsed by the odor this shit eminates. It doesn't smell like it was in someone's ass, per se - more like it was in between someone's sweaty asscheeks. 
    Whatever it is, it's dark brown, damp, and doesn't have any seeds in it (what the fuck?). It's definitely some form of cannabis- but it's just so god awful. It doesn't smell like chemicals, and it doesn't have seeds in it. Can anyone help me identify what the fuck is wrong with this shit? At this point, I just want to know out of curiosity. Smoking it's out of the question - I'm going to chuck this shit in a volcano. 

  2. Photographic evidence?
  3. maybe an idiot farmer that fucked up his crop and sold it anyway.
  4. Idk why but this made me crack up.
  5. Who cares about shit weed?
  6. Sound exactly like shit to me ha, couldn't have been a vegetarian either.

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