What in God's green earth is going on?

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  1. This is only my second attempt at growing. The first one was easier lol.

    These three plants were taken right from solo cups and put into 5 gal buckets(with maybe not enough drain holes). They were clones. Soon as they were put into 5 gal buckets I fed them fox farms grow big per its schedule.

    I was over watering them because I was dumb and didn't check the moisture and just watered when I thought they might need some. I remedied that and layed off watering them and let nature do that. They were kind of a guerrilla grow at that point and I had to hide the buckets inbetween a ton of other weeds(not the thc kind) and they grew tall but skinny AF. I took them to a better location where they didn't need to be hidden and got sun from every direction. And I tied the tops over for a few days to do a Jimmy rig topping. They grew different colas but still didn't puff out.

    I was wondering if I'd induced root rot so I purchased the 15 gal grow bags seen in the pic. The retailer thought i might be root bound in the buckets as well.

    While transplanting them i did notice they were definitely on their way to be root bound but not a real problem yet. Also visible roots were perfectly white.

    I used a whole bag of 707 soil mixed with a partial bag of promix HP in the grow bags. I had used only promix in the buckets as that's all I used on my first grow. I gave them a dose of Roots Organics Trinity Catalyst after settling them into their new home and a little extra plain water to moisten the new soil.

    It's only been a day and a half but they don't seem to be responding. When I tied them they responded within the day by growing a 90° turn in the main stem that's still obvious after untying them.

    Im getting nervous that I just wasted 90 bucks on dead/dying plants.

    [When feeding them any nutrients, the grow big or trinity, it was a gallon split between the three of them. And the most often ive feed them was twice aweek]

    (The pictures in the buckets are two to three days ago, the one with the grow bag is right after the transplant)

    20190718_163500.jpg 20190718_124144.jpg 20190718_124138.jpg 20190718_124133.jpg 20190718_124129.jpg 20190718_124126.jpg 20190718_124123.jpg
  2. Look really hungry to me desperate for nitrogen..

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  3. Would they have "burnt" looking leaves if that's the case? Ive picked quite a few of those off. Burnt at the tips and semi burnt down the length of the leaf.

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  4. Might be a pH problem. If you have a meter check the runoff I bet it's too high.

    pH down is your friend.
  5. Checked them today and they're recovering a little it looks. But attached is a close up if one of the leaves I picked off.

    I will test the ph but others have grown with this same water source without issue. 20190720_161700.jpg

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  6. Nitrogen def. If you ask me man
  7. I gave them a dose of this stuff yesterday, should I give them another tomorrow you think? (I've already watered them today otherwise I'd do it today) 20190720_193320.jpg 20190720_193322.jpg

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  8. Yes definitely, I suggest mixing around 2-3 Tbsp into a Gallon of water and shaking before watering them/her. Thats the correct way to use nutes. Then once you seitch to flowering mix big bloom nutes and and earth worm castings/bat guano nute with a Gallon of water bout 3-4 tbsp per gallon during bloom
  9. Also suggest some blackstrap organic molases as well during flowering. It does wonders for yeilds, the sugars help keep the soil nutrient rich and once absorbes into the soil the plant can eat it and increase your yeild
  10. ThcBrah,

    You ever heard of an area(town or so) suffering from nitrogen deficiency? I bought grow big from my local hardware store and the cashier mentioned everyone around seems to be suffering nitrogen deficiency. The grow big was sold out when I got there, they had to open a case for me (to give reference, the other two of the three main Foxfarm nutes were full on the shelf).

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  11. Also, after I dosed them heavy with food(nitrogen added to the line up) they bounced back within a day or so

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