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Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by Qu33f, Feb 20, 2004.

  1. here's what I plan on smokin within the next few hours, I think I"m gonna smoke it all up now. and I know my J's suck I just learned how to roll a J(I"m a bong guy)

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  2. Wow someones prepared.
  3. nice!!! have fun smokin it;)

  4. I am!!!
  5. here is a pic of my bongs the green one I got for like 15 bucks and I made the red one from a cup from busch gardens and a pen and socket and it pulls really good.

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  6. nice bud

    Good joints aswell seem as tho ure a newb to rolling they look pretty good...

    lovin the bongs aswell especially the "cup"
  7. doesnt matter how well joints look, they'll be gone in a few minutes. i like your green bong, ive always been attracted to acrylic. i wish i had that many joints prerolled, thats nice to know you have all those for whenever you need.
  8. thx guys

    yeah its too bad the headshop that i got the green bong at got shut down and so are all the other ones around me, Look foward to Chronic pics
  9. looks like a good little stash

    drop the white lighter though....
  10. send some to me
  11. they're bad juju supposedly.
    lotta superstitious stoners
  12. white lighters = bad luck. i have never had anything go wrong except for when someone in my group had a white lighter.

    i don't touch them, nor do i smoke when they are around.
  13. man they looked better than my first j's but i dig the pipe

  14. keep practisin and u will be pro at rollin, when i started i sucked also. it looks like ur just twistin on the ends, try movin ur hands and givin the middle a little twist too. hope that helps
  15. yeah I pretty much have it down now, cuz I taught myself and like 2 weeks ago I figured out to roll it from the inside out, so now I can roll them like a cigarette(I don't smoke tobacco)

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