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  1. Navy Seals, yep.i'm 18, no idea what i wanna do but this is what caught my eye while i was smoking a bowl lol.it looks really promising,if i end up liking it, and "i wanna blow some shit up" .i pretty much meet all the requirments to try out, gotta stop smoking obviosly which sucks. i'm still not completly sure i wanna do this, but hey i'm young i got plenty of time if i wanna quit and do something else.gonna wait till november to try and start on some training in the meantime, like running lol my stamina kinda sucks -cough cough-:smoke: .but if i do like this it'll be some kickass shit, being a damn navy seal!
    i'm not really a fan of goverment and politics, i just wanna shoot some shit and be active, throw some grenades, ect... but seriously i might be doing this :)
    what does the city think?
  2. I'm not sure how easy it is to just "quit" the military, but hey, if it's something you want to do go for it.
  3. If that's what you want to do it has to be top priority. Shit is so tough, I was considering it for a while and went to some workouts at the beach with other guys that have been training for the seals for years and were on delayed entry. I just realized that I want to go to college and have a life and keep smoking pot.
  4. From what I know, if you sign a contract with any armed forces, you are signed up for 4 years of service + 4 years of inactive duty. While you are on inactive duty, you can be called anytime to serve. If you are willing to make that commitment to yourself than do it. I would not suggest signing up until you are 100% sure of what you want. A VERY good friend of mine just signed up for the armed forces- opted for that after doing a year in college and finding it wasnt for him. He is now stationed in Japan and loving it. He says it has matured him, and he feels as if he is living his life now, instead ofjust sitting around like he use to.

    My advice- REALLY think it over............its not something that should be taken lightly.Its a very very serious decision. One you cant get out of too easily if you make. If you have any questions regarding the Navy Seals, my cousin is a group leader. He was stationed in Afghanistan and Iraq. I can pass the questions along to him OR my friend in Japan. Hope this helps.

    edit* TheColonel just told me that there is a member of this board who is very wise on the armed services. He wanted me to let you know. He said her name is Terpischore.

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