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  1. ..... aliens landed here tomorrow with absolutely insanely advanced technology, so advanced that we don't even have a way of understanding it yet.

    These aliens begin to converse with various leaders and members of the scientific community. The aliens say that in the time they've been around, they have evolved to the point of having clairvoyance and the likes, and they tell the world that there is definitely a God, that all of life exists to evolve to become alike to God and in this way God himself evolves as his purpose for creating Universes, as well as stating there are various spirits and lesser emanations of God (not the Supreme God mentioned earlier) on every planet including ours but we have not evolved enough yet to have perception of any of this except the few who consciously trained themselves, the occultists and mystics had been telling the truth.

    You still have not seen any "proof" of God, yet these aliens are clearly far beyond us, and have the ability to see more than just the physical world and verify it by whatever means, say being able to control matter with the mind, reading thoughts, various other occult powers/siddhis that scriptures have spoken of, like the ability to heal any disease in an instant.

    Do you start to believe in God, or stick with your "I need proof" beliefs?
  2. I've always found the hard skeptic line to be a bit much for rational discourse. Interesting question.
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    ...and what if their concept of god is absolutely alien to ours? Do we give up our own and follow theirs?

    Why is this important? Does their god demand my allegiance? If not, why bother? If so, how is it different from our own god(s)? How can we choose the right god?

    The fact that they are more powerful than us raises the same question we all should be asking about any god: are we to simply accept what is more powerful, or should we try and find the truth for ourselves?

  4. In its simplest expression, the concept of god is the concept of 1.
    That is all. Any being intelligent enough to be able to ponder the things that are, would agree that 1 exists.

    The word "god" brings up much too many preconceived notions and carries too heavy a connotation to be able to use it to actually convey anything meaningful anymore.
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    That's a human opinion based on your subjective assumption. In the hypothetical, an alien could be introducing "god" as twenty-seven different deities that all need to be worshiped in their own special ways, some of which are even "evil." I'm sure if this were ancient Athens, one might be just as quick to say "any being intelligent enough would agree that the gods exist."

    Advanced as they are, the question remains: why would I accept guidance from a mortal about the divine?

  6. I'd notice that what they're offering is essentially the same as what the serpent offered to Eve in the garden of Eden.

    What would you do if these aliens wanted you to put 666 on your hand or forehead?
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    Something tells me that if this scenario happened, and what the aliens had to say was not anything like the second paragraph in the OP, the poster might then want some proof. It reads something like "what if aliens came down and confirmed my beliefs?" It's simple enough to turn it around and ask "what if aliens came down and completely debunked your beliefs?"

    Would you start to believe in alien gods confirmed by someone you just met, or would you learn to appreciate "I need proof" beliefs?
  8. The difference is that I've experienced some proofs, so my belief in God is not entirely faith based. Likewise I am told by countless texts, as well as the ones who have given me the proofs, that one can come into direct perception of God as well as various other things, and go on to verify them in a scientific manner.

    I am not blindly following a book that says "this stuff happened", I am led by teachers who can show me this stuff HAPPENS (present tense) and is more than a slight probability but a definite reality. Skepticism is encouraged in Theurgy, however there is a difference between skepticism and outright closed mindedness. Everything works in a scientific manner, the same way that there are mechanics to average things, there are mechanics to "supernatural" things, supernatural isn't a real word technically.
  9. then we shoot that alien!
  10. Unless they have some way to break the language barrier to show me their proofs and their ways I will be as equally disenchanted with the idea of god as I am now.

    Being beyond us doesn't mean they've got it figured out, at all.

    Comparatively, they could be just slightly less ignorant than we in the grand scheme of things.

    Though, I imagine if aliens landed openly, it would be to tell us they infused their DNA with earlier man to accelerate our evolution dramatically rather than to tell us about a "god"
  11. I would not be so quick to just believe these entities, if you will, at face value. "OMGzz you guyz have a ufo n stuf n you know therz god okay cool!" na, I would still be skeptical about the existence of a "god" in the traditional sense. my interpretation of "god" is the universe, everything and all, so really I need no "proof" of its existence, for it exists. But if you're talking in the traditional "god" being an entity then no I would not believe the alien entities simply because they are more technologically advanced/enlightened/what have you. One must always be wary of deception. Great question, though.:smoke:
  12. I've experienced dreams. Then come to find out it was all in my head. Damn!

    What if the alien comes along and tells you everything you've experienced is wrong?
  13. Just like humans, aliens could indeed have agendas.

    I would certainly be skeptic and would expect this to be some sort of catalyst for assimilation.

    My opinion wouldn't even matter though. General consensus and government action would make my personal beliefs pretty insignificant...
  14. we are already god you guys
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    What if consciousness was a fly buzzing around in your head that you couldn't get rid of or make sit still for more than a split second?

    Also, I thought we already had crazy people? I mean I keep trying to tell people that I am this alien and what you just said but they wont listen. I even tell them about my invisible multidimensional plane (pun).

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