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  1. .... I told you the Universe has boundaries the shape of which is a dodecahedron, and is SUBSTANTIALLY older than 14 billion years, though the Big Bang theory is essentially correct in that the Universe expands from a single point, and then at some point it begins to contract again, like a 4 trillion+ years long inhale exhale?
  2. I find this mostly plausible. But how can you know that space is limited, and why that particular shape?
  3. that post was so deep that i dont understand it after 3 readovers lol
  4. that means the same shit happens every 14 billion years lol
  5. no it doesn't. it means the universe is cyclical and older than it appears. just because it's cyclical doesn't mean the same shit happens every cycle.
  6. i'd ask what a single point looks like.
  7. everything always apears follow some type of pattern or another....some type of cycle or another....

    the quote is from -Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency- a fiction novel for those who dont know or cant guess......;):smoke:
    reading this for the first time in years ...forgot how much i enjoyed it last time
  8. [​IMG]

    This is a dodecahedron.

    I figured I would save you all from doing a google image search.
  9. yes its cyclical so the big bang would happen again and again... as would all the consequences of the big bang (all the stars/planets/etc)
  10. that doesnt even deserve a facepalm
  11. Thats assuming that the 4 forces of nature would separate every time there was a big bang event. What I mean is that its theorized that electromagnetic, gravitational, and the nuclear forces were one cumulative force when the universe was a singularity. Whats to say they would split up everytime? What would the expansion period have to play into that?

    In regards to the original post, what makes you bring up this possibility?
  12. [​IMG]
    i got it.
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    i dont think you understand my point... what i am saying is that there would be a big bang every cycle due to the universe getting smaller and smaller and denser and denser... and then boom everything would start all over again... whats to facepalm about that? :confused:
  14. i understood what you were saying, and found it the opposite of genius

  15. Funny you say this because I was just watching some George Carlin video someone posted where he said the universe is trillions of years old, but then I thought of how we only know it to have existed for 14 billion.


    What if I asked you why?

    and obviously how do you know
  16. I would ask how do you know that?
  17. okay mister genius just for the sake of conversation what would happen when the universe contracts to that final point?
  18. The Universe is cyclical in that yes, a creation period happens each time, however it is not always exactly the same as it is now.

    I am yet to know why the Universe is shaped in a dodecahedron, I know that shape is significant but I've yet to learn exactly why other than it having 12 5 sided shapes (pentagons).

    The Hindu's actually taught this cyclical nature of the Universe (i've mentioned this long ago though) since at least 4500BC through oral tradition, we'd consider right now a "Day of Brahma". I would say science will verify these things within the next decade, though proving the dodecahedron shape will be quite difficult.

    Also I'm surprised this hit 2 pages so quick lol, I figured people would just ignore it as random.
  19. you'll figure it out

  20. I don't understand why I saw a sphere if the universe is a dodecahedron

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