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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by jims555, Jan 27, 2010.

  1. hey guys,

    i was sitting around thinking about bud (big surprize) and i thought about what if in the very last days of flowering you changed your light schedule back to 18/6 or even 24hrs from 12.

    i thought maybe this would give the plants a little growth boost right before you harvest.

    i figured that it wouldn't matter much that you would be screwing up the flowering cycle since you're going to harvest in a couple days anyway.

    not sure how this would work if you were flushing though. perhaps it would help since the added growth would really suck out the stored nutes.

    whats your guys' opinion?
  2. Probably it would stop producing THC...
  3. I actually have heard of some who believe in this, though I am skeptical myself. They put the plant back to as much as 24/0 light in the last week or 2 of flowering on the idea that it's too late to hermie the plant and the added energy will boost bud production. This is a very small minority opinion, and in fact I bet that most indoor growers have never even heard of this idea.

    There also is the exact opposite idea, to give plants total dark for the last 48-72 hours just before harvest. The theory here is that this signals the end of the available light and thus the end of the life cycle for the plant, which will respond by making the buds fatter and gooier in a desperate last-ditch effort to get pollinated. I do this and many others do, though still probably a minority of all indoor growers.

    Not much hard-core evidence to "prove" either of these, though the extended dark idea is better accepted and more widely known.

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