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  1. THIS was real? Actual sized


  2. Posted at 4:20. I like it. I'd cry.
  3. Then the world would have no problems because bud would be so easy to get it'd be a custom to just smoke bud the way people drink alcohol when they come together.
  4. i would go find that tree!
  5. ...then i guess id be making my own forest.
  6. Then i wouldn't be wearing the same underwear from before i clicked this.

    EDIT: LOL at tyke below me. They'd be so happy!
  7. Think about how happy the birds and squirrels would be!
  8. People would intentionally start forest fires all the time

  9. i dont get it. would they somehow get high from sitting/eating the tree?
    no branches far up for the birds, and no hollow holes for squirrels.

    i think they would be upset, but i would be hella happy:D
  10. Smokey the Bear would go out of business
  11. You're over-thinking it dude. It was a joke. Is it possible that you're *gasp* high on something??? :D
  12. I would be a lumberjack.
  13. Look at the racism in this picture. The two white guys are hard at work cutting down the tree, and the one black guy has his nose up in it, ready to just relax and smoke. Horrible stuff

  14. Maybe he's their boss and he's inspecting the tree they just harvested? :smoking:
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    I want to take that tree and live in it.

    We'd all smoke trees because the abundance would make it obvious it was meant to be used.

    A bit like now really.

    Wait a minute...
  16. if smokey the bear was smart, he would start a new business
  17. It'd offer a whole new spin on 'being green'. :)

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