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    lets say for the sake of argument this country of ours went to hell in a handbasket from either a EMP attack...a GRID FAILURE where we were thrust into total darkness ...what about CIVIL CHAOS? ... OR   ANYTHING ELSE.. has anyone been prepping for just such a emergency?....and if so how are you about trusting others to offer help if they ever offered and you never met them before in your life?....do you have a group of like-minded people?...what do you guys think?..anyone got anything to say about this..i realize this is all hypothetical bullshit... BUT..it could happen..just thought it would be a interesting thing to discuss if nothing else...

  2. Have a bug out location in the desert with enough "resources" for 3 people for 12 months. Weapons for security, and medical needs both civilian and not. One friend knows of my plans and has helped in its building four years ago when we did it. I trust him an my wife with its location and contents. But yes, I'm ready for most eventualities. If I came across people Ina situation like that, I wouldn't trust a soul other than the first two mentioned. In a world like that everyone should be only looking out for themselves.

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    Go innawoods or hop on a boat. I'm in a small town so I think I'd survive the initial chaos. Bugging out or going innawoods is a good way to get off the grid when the grid is still running. No clue after that. I don't like to think I'd pillage or loot but I know would if necessary. Probably take a small boat to an island on the river and pretend I'm a cast away during a zombie apocalypse. Fish and only go to the mainland for supplies. My island. DayZ taught me to shoot on sight.
  4. im not as ready as I should be but im very slowly building up my resources...I bought me two of, in my opinion the best knives ever made..a  S.O.G  seal pup knife and a S.O.G  seal team elite knife..110.00 for the seal team elete  and 80.00 for the seal pup...better to have good, well made stuff that will hold up..than cheap-ass crap that may fail you when you need it the most....I also have a browning medallion rifle in 25-06...and a sig saur p226 in 9mm...I still have a long way to go...but its not how you start as my dad always says...but more about how you finish...
  5. Love dayz! Lol certainly made me very untrusting of anything near in a situation like in the op.

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  6. If you like well worked metal weapons check out cold steel, they make stuff to be used as it should. Field tested, zombie disapproved lol.

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  7. yeah bro I heard cold steel makes awesome knives
  8. Hell yeah. And machetes swords spears the whole nine yards. I have quite the collection lol

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  9. I need to investigate coldsteel some more evidently
  10. search for resources, set up a safe haven, buckle down and enjoy the show
  11. <sup>and what a fucked up show it WILL be</sup>
  12. Sure that you don't know me? Our plans almost mirror :smoke:
  13. Lol just like to be ready for any fun.

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  14. How small is your country if it can fit in a basket???
  15. All my preparation is mental. Plus my shotgun could be loaded in a matter of seconds. I have batteries and a flashlight in my kitchen and canned food in the cupboards. My brother has enough water and dried food to last him and his girlfriend and their kid six months. There's a grocery store less than a two minute walk from my apartment. There's a hardware store that sells rifles and ammunition five minutes away. I have a storage container with enough supplies to barter and old clothing and blankets to stay warm in the winter. There is a river down the block from my apartment and I can purify and drink that. I know how to manufacture my own crude oil and gasoline and I know plenty of hunters in the area with firearms and the knowledge to catch and kill our dinner. I can perform first aid and there is a liqour store across the street, choice location for looting.

    Alcohol; cigarettes, bandages, water and batteries will be hot commodities.
  16. I "headed for the hills" in 1982 and am still there.
    LOL, not because I was worried about Armageddon, I just wanted to live in the woods.
    My front yard the other day:

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