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  1. The body reacts positively to Cannabis, ie getting high/euphoric because when we were evolving our body learned that cannabinoids are good for us. Watching this documentory on its effects against cancer, holy batshitfuck its awesome, and it said something about cannabis coming about into existence around 50 million years ago and evidence of rudimentary cannabinoid systems came into animal systems around 8 million years ago. From this, I theorize(while high) the body constructed a reward system to encourage us to ingest cannabinoids.  

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    cannabis is like a fruit, or medicine. it truly is healthy both for the mind, soul and body. it is ridiculous that people of whom consume it are looked down upon, and us as a human race are ridiculous for allowing a group of people control us and stop us from doing what is natural for our body and mind.
    EDIT: group of people, being the government. we allow them to just tell what we can put into our body and not put into our body. LOL what the fuck is that about, society has really become closed minded and just scrunched up into a ball, our ancestors would be dissapointed.
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