What if you woke up tomorrow....

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  1. .......



    Hard earned dollar you worked for today.... was worthless.
  2. I would be sad

    and try to sell my things.

    and go walk
  3. its probably going to happen one day with how things are going
  4. I would steal shit
  5. Nothing would change for me. I already consider my money worthless. Paper money is just imaginary anyway. You can't eat it, you can't survive a winter with it, you can't protect yourself with it. You definitely can't smoke it, so what good is it?
  6. Money is just a human means of acquisition, a highly complex and structured form of means, that is. But if currency was worthless tomorrow, we would just go back to a more primitive system of exchange and trade, like barter. Nothing new here. That's how we've done it for most of our time on this planet, anyways.

  7. I suppose I might have to go for a hike until I ended up somewhere where my contributions to society held some sort of value.

  8. And what would that be?
  9. I dont have any money so I guess it wouldnt matter to me too much.
  10. Wherever didn't decide that my contributions were worthless the day after I contributed them. :confused_2:
  11. What would you do about your shelter?


    Things, would be.... hectic at first until people settled in and lived together as a community.

  12. If you had to pick an ideal setting, what do you have in mind?
  13. [quote name='"PeruvianDank"']

    If you had to pick an ideal setting, what do you have in mind?[/quote]

    I could see postal going around to religious groups as an undercover athiest :smoke:
  14. [quote name='"White Indian"']I dont have any money so I guess it wouldnt matter to me too much.[/quote]

    i literally have less than a hundred.. so it wouldnt mean shit to me, i was thinkin more along the lines of societies collapse
  15. I would drive to the spot in portland where all my friends and family would be, smoke a whole bunch of weed and devise a plan to take over the world. Or at least start a new civilization.
  16. i would be excited :) i would love to live without money. barter with neighbors. it would bring communities together. everyone would be the equal :) although i wouldnt look forward to the number of people who would resort to violence to get what they need and/or want.. so i should probably start building that security fence...
  17. Oh, yeah, I dont care about that. I just watched Mad Max: Road Warrior, I'm all too pumped for that shit
  18. And Marijuana will be worth everything, and us stoners will rule the world.
  19. That would be the shit... anybody could grow it.

    And everyone would smoke it so there would never be "too much" weed and blow the economy up... again.


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