what if you were constantly high since birth?

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  1. ok so your constantly high since birth now it doesnt have to be from weed excatly or any drug for that matter but lets say one day you sober up? would that sober state for him be the same as our high since his high is our sober? so if you get what im saying he is constanly high and since he is high all the time thats him being sober cause thats what he is used to and grown a custom too but one day he gets "our sober" he sees everything as we do sober so would his new state of mind be our high since he isnt used to it? :hippie:
  2. If you were high everyday from birth you are sober. Our brains work by having very intricate chemical reactions that cause us to have a state of mind at all, in a sense we are high from birth but this a high you don't come down from until you die. Or until you smoke a bowl, but then later on, back to being soberhigh.
  3. If I was high since birth I wouldn't have awkward social anxiety:mad:
  4. Amen to that..

  5. samesies :smoke:
  6. Maybe we're always high, and we smoke weed to get sober.......... mind blown

  7. Then you would get used to being high and technically be sober.
  8. i wouldnt wanna be high forever. sometimes its ok to be sober for a little bit. dont get me wrong i smoke alot of weed lol, but i do enjoy things sober. also i like the act of smoking. so i feel like i acomplished something after smoking a blunt.
  9. If you were high all the time you would get so accustomed to it that you wouldn't realize that you were in an altered state of mind, which would turn into you not being in an altered state of mind. I'm sure when we were all babies, after we popped out of mothers everything was so new, strange and surreal to us, but we got used to it, kind of (I still haven't gotten used to how surreal all this is).

  10. true true you bring a valid point to the council, my children there is a near subject up for discussion:cool: sit around children lets venture down the yonders of our minds...

  11. yaa man im still living in the days of my mothers stomach... ahh the good days. i could pee in my area and eat food thru a tube with no worrys! :smoke:
  12. Yeah, high all your life you'd feel what we call sober, because you have nothing to compare being high to.
  13. If you're high since birth then being sober would be like being poisoned.
    Or being on a drug that nobody buys because it makes you feel bad.
  14. you'd be brain dead.
  15. Hell yeah the amazing care free days of being young. It all started going downhill when I became a toddler, things just got so stressful and it was hard to juggle all my responsibilities, I long to return to my little amniotic sac, although if I went back I would probably redecorate, maybe get some light in there. :laughing:
  16. ya some lights a little sofa a small tv and a gameboy with pokemon yellow in it. yup sounds good to me.:hello:
  17. The drug to make you "sober" if you were always high would be like a... slight stimulent i suppose because your high soberness has you tired all the time... i think it would be given to kids with ADD. :D.

  18. this.

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