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What if you got your body weight in weed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Smoked All Dat, Mar 15, 2010.

  1. What if you could get the equivalent of your body weight in weed...

    180lbs of weed.

    Goddamn :D

    I'd just get really fat and weigh like 400lbs and get 400lbs of weed lmao.
  2. americans would somehow get even fatter.
  3. somehow, is McDonalds
  4. Be really rich
  5. If you get caught your fucked for life.
  6. 230 pounds of weed...thats what im talkin about :D
  7. We eat so much because we actually have good food..

    instead of tea and snails.

    but Im not trying to start an EnglandVsUSA argument.
  8. well England wins every time because they're notorious for their good looks..... oh wait haha



  10. First thing that comes to mind is oh my god yes. Second thing that comes to mind is it good weed? 3rd thing is I would need a really big container.
  11. 80 kilos Id probs flip maybe 60 of it then I wouldn't need to buy for ages an then even when I did I'd still have loads of cash. It's about 3500 on the kilo round here. Just did some math and I could buy house for that!
  12. Well if I could do that then yeah, I'd definitely stuff my face and gain some weight.

    160 lbs, I'd have to sell like 2/3 of it and buy some property where I could just chill and smoke it and have somewhere to store it because i think 50-100 lbs of dank chronic would smell a little hahaha.

    if only :D
  13. damn..220 LBS of weed, i would be in heaven.
    i love being bigbody xD
  14. 150 pounds of weed........sweet.
  15. This is when being 285 would come in handy...

    Don't worry, it's MOSTLY muscle.. :p
  16. well i would be ALOT more stoned than i am now.

  17. Id eat myself to about 250 lbs then get the weed then diet back down to around 180 and get hiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh
  18. Sounds like the OP was baked. Haha
  19. 250 pounds of weed...

    I could probably buy a house :metal:
  20. I'd buy a nice big chunk of land and build my dream house!

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