What if whenever we sleep we wake up as someone else

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  1. Sadly I'm more obedient..but I nark for coffees.
  2. Is this supposed to weird me out? I would love to wake up as someone else.
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  3. ...I'd go crazy on acid trips....
  4. Sounds like an ex-girlfriend of mine...
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  5. What if you wake up as yourself, but in a different part of the multiverse? Same as dreaming. Same as dying. There is no difference here. The one goes from death to death who seems to see a difference here. The Skywalker flies from world to world. There is no difference here. This body ends in ashes. Om.
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  6. What if whenever we die we wake up with a bong in our hands and all our homies around us wondering how was the alien space weed?
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  7. Idk about that but I think it's entirely possible that the dream world is another dimension that we can experience. Or some kind of alternate reality. I've had dreams that feel so real and so immensely blissful like it's really me, living some other kind of life where I'm at peace and free of worry, pain, negativity.

    They say that on DMT you can see and experience the same things as other people tripping with you. And it's thought that it can allow you to see into another dimension or some spiritual world, and that same chemical is released when you dream and while I've never taken the substance I believe it.
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  9. Yep i woke up on that stuff as if life on earth was an good nights sleep. It definitely felt more real than real and i knew and remembered everything. We are only dreaming but these things cannot be discussed here sadly.
    Possibly in the future.
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  10. :lmafoe:
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  12. There’s a theory that suggests we’re sleeping now and when we die we awake in our true form.

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