What if we were ants and ants were us?

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    What if we were ants and ants were us.  Personally, I think that'd be a great, intriguing title for a book, but.... back to the point.
    What if we were?
    From either a philosophical viewpoint or other...
    The thought came from taking a step back and looking at 'us' [myself included] ... societally, as a whole. as an entity. a being. between the wars. plague. drama.  debt.  the 1%,  drought. political thievery and the ice capades ( shout out to george carlin, rip ) ... all petty shit in the grand scheme of things right?   This certainly isn't it.  Can't be.
    Then, I looked up - at the stars.  
    I was stressed the fuck out man.
    Disclaimer: I didn't look at the stars till later that night of course.
    I thought how petty is all this shit we're going through, this can't be it.  What if I'm really an ant., like.... those ants are... down there.  WTF?  OK, so I'm a god, (keep religion out for minute) sort of, to a bunch of 'ants' ? Nah....
    Here's where the idea kinda went left.
    What am I supposed to be learning here?  If we were [are] ants, and arts were us. *see that? What's the next logical step?  How do we get there collectively?  Which is leading to another idea for a crowd sourced way of asking those god like questions, like how do you find the edge of space? ( credit due to OP ) (questions some of us find [y]ourselves asking) and tackling them..., BUT not so much in the way we do it now, from the viewpoint of... us being us and ants being ants., because what if we used the ants to help us collectively get to that next logical step.
    Does that make sense?   :bongin: 
    Either way, far many a book have written off of crazier shit.

  2. Same world different view. Wed be unaware of what the humans did, its too high above us literally and metaphorically.
  3. What if Coke was Pepsi and Pepsi was Coke?
  4. What if I said... I'm an ant sent from the deepest and darkest part of my ass.
  5. This really doesnt make any sense at all. DNA proves that ants are ants and homo sapiens are homo sapiens. So what?
    Im inclined to believe they are oblivious, but what if they just didnt give a fuck?
  7. sometimes i like to think pets are way smarter than us and just lazy fucks that wana be taken care of.

    Then they eat their shit and im like, nah, my species conquered you long ago for a reason.
    Lmao. Good point.
    If they are smarter than us, what better way to get us to think they arent than eating then their own shit? Think about it... haha

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