What if...we lived in a world where you were always high, but had to smoke to be sober?

Discussion in 'High Ideas' started by LemmeLightThat4U, Feb 10, 2014.

  1. I'd smoke before flying. I fucking hate flying and would probably freak out if I was high on a plane.
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    If u think about it thats kind of how the world is already. I dont know about you but when i smoke i see things for what they really are. I analyze stuff more than when im sober. When im sober i dont take the time to do that and most of the time i just go about my daily routine without seeing the big picture of things.

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  4. When we smoke we unlock a sub conscious part of are mind, allowing it to expand and examination things in depth! I feel at the top of my performance when I'm stoned!

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  5. truth in words

    Who Dat!
  6. I don't know how that would be. I'm going to think this over. 
  7. have u ever been on a weed binge for like a year where ur high all day everyday?

    when you quit and the sobriety comes back, its like a different high. you appreciate things more and you feel like you have all the energy and time in the world

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  8. Ummm, that is the world I live in. Sometimes I get sober though....shit scares the fuck outta me. Why would people want to feel that way?
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    The cool thing todo would be to get unhigh, if every bodies high though and we have to smoke to be unhigh? Your saying the same thing honestly we would consider it normal to be high so getting unhigh would be like us going from sober to high in 2014
  10. Me and my friends have discussed this quite a few times. Most of the time we just play it off as a joke though and someone always comes out with the line, "I don't need drugs. I'm high on life"
    Always cracks me up
  11. I'm glad I'm not the only one who does this haha. It takes me twice the time to complete tasks when I'm high because I analyze every little thing. I always get so deep into convos with people also.

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    I've thought about bars and clubs where you come to get sober and being too sober can get you kicked out.
    But smoking weed to stay sober?  :laughing:
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  13. That's the world as I see it anyways
  14. The idea is fun to think of but as far as the experience it would be literally the same as things are now.  If you spend every waking moment high, then that would be perceived as normal.  Then when you smoke and sober up you'd be altering your perception, so it would be the different, trippy feeling.  Basically their roles would switch places, being high would be the new sober and sobriety would be how you get wasted.
  15. Yeah if we were high all the time then the high would become our sober
  16. prohibition, death to the plant its killing our children
    nah what they said sober and high would switch places and it would just be sober and high
  17. What if being sober is a trip? and gettin high is being sober??
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  18. i already do
  19. It'd probably be exactly how it is right now like someone else mentioned. If everyone was always high it'd be the new normal, and smoking to get 'sober' would be the new high. It'd still change your perception and make you think about things differently, just in a different way. I have been high all day every day for a week a couple times though and it's pretty chill. You'd think it'd make you sick of being baked but it really doesn't lol.

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