what if we had a GC con?

Discussion in 'General' started by MariJane402, May 7, 2011.

  1. what if we had a convergence of blades in a fanfuckingtastic Grass City Convention?
    does anyone think that would work?
    has it happened already?

    i have a friend that plans and attends lots of cons, and the few i have been to are a blast.

  2. cops would be all over this gathering like stink on shit
  3. No....just no.
  4. canada would RULE.
  5. i wouldn't show up to that sting operation. lol
    ahurrhurr lets get all of the growers and potheads together at once...its like suicide

  6. either OP is a really shitty cop, or doesn't realize how this could never work
  7. im not a shitty cop...im a 20 year old girl who loves to party, and conventions are usually just crazy parties. i worked for hyatt, and there were TONS of cannabis conventions called everything from simple NORML to WEEDWORLD.

    why is everyone on hear so damn negative? go smoke a bowl, cheer up.
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    we're not being negative the idea of a convention has been brought up before... imagine if grasscity was a major drug organization and we came up with the idea to all get together at once... its basically us saying "HEY PIGS IM yuGROWING,SELLING AND SMOKING" lol idk its just sketchy

  9. [​IMG]

    Good idea, but there's just too much risk involved.
  10. wow getajob, what the fuck is your problem?
  11. im not even hating on you im sorry if i come off that way...

    i mean its a totally awesome idea but its been shot down in the past.
  12. Yeah that's not going to happen. SJ would never go for it

  13. oh well all good then :)

    but the booty call thing wasn't totally needed hahah :smoke:

  14. i think the "women being sluts" thing is going to hurt women for as long as they want to take advantage of doods @ gentlemen's clubs all over the world for money.
  15. haha yeah sorry about that it seemed funny as i typed it up... ill delete it
  16. woahh dro, you like to flame me. i was talking about a party of blades, and you bring up the adult entertainment industry??
  17. I would go if it's its here in Cali. Med patients only yeaaa, fuck the police.
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    Join me for a blunt and lets plot

    That would be something though.

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