What If We Got 1 Million People To Not Pay Taxes?

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  1. As a form of non-violent resistance? I think that would send a strong message. How would I go about trying to start this resistance? Any help.
  2. How could that be done?  Most people work, and the taxes are taken out of their pay by the employer. 
    It might be smarter to compel large corporations to lobby in Wash. DC in the interests of the the public, their customers.     They have the money, and the last thing they need or want is boycotts.   The entertainment and/or music industry would be a good place to start.
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    Well as good as that sounds that would be impossible for myself and the over 100,000 employees that work for my employer. We have our taxes taken out. Its not a option. 
    As for not paying taxes that would be illegal and unconstitutional in its current form. The 16th Amendment which was passed to alter the former way we paid taxes was added in 1913. Prior to that income tax was only paid in times of war usually and then removed when the time of urgency that required it passed. Prior to that we had a variety of indirect taxes not direct.
    Believe it or not all the way up to World War One the principal way to generate taxes was through tariffs on goods. We have had many decades where citizens in the past paid virtually no income tax.
    What happened though was here and there we had to use a income tax to finance wars. The Civil War was a good example. After the war it went away. What happened though is our grubby little politicians saw the vast amount of money that could be raised via a income tax and after the Civil War all the way till 1913 there were all sorts of pushes to institute one. In 1913 I believe the tax rate was 6% if you can imagine that. The poor of the United States today are taxed are more then double or more today. So in the lliberals attempt to sooth the poor they are taxed more then they were at the onset. You tax me more to give to them. They stay poor usually since theres a huge segment of society that never will amount to anything. The people who carry the water are punished. The ones who drink from it are rewarded and they keep demanding more water be delivered to them. 
    As the money flowed so did all the insane social programs. You see no one really ever wanted any of them. We went hundreds of years with virtually none yet somehow in a much harsher time we survived. Then politicians that are not interested in the good enacted there own fantasies and dreams on how society should be upon us. We have since 1913ish been one giant social experiment for both sides of the aisle. 
    If you want to know how bad it is. The total effective rate for upper incomes in California exceeds 50% of taxed income. I myself pay close to 35%-40% of every dollar I earn to the social experimenters. Throw in Obamacare and now I do not have a choice in carrying health insurance and its even more. Its absolutely disgusting that I pay 30-40k in taxes a year so they can turn around and give people cell phones, pay some dead beat's mortgage or bail out a car company who's car's no one wanted to buy. I literally wish to throw up on the people who are recipients of such programs. 
    Anyhow the 16th Amendment reads as follows and its why not paying taxes is not a good idea. I also think that Americans are willing to pay a reasonable tax for the services that we get...highways, defense etc. The issue is not paying taxes the issue is the IRS destroying your life for a political belief. 
    The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes on incomes, from whatever source derived, without apportionment among the several States, and without regard to any census or enumeration.
  4. A good story on not paying taxes is George Washington. After everything settled down some of citizens refused to pay I believe it was a liquor tax. Knowing the nation was new Washington rounded up a couple thousand military members. He marched into there city. They were angry saying that he was no better then what he replaced. He told them the difference between him and the King was that they voted for there leaders. Vote them out if you have a issue. 
    When less then 50% usually 30-40% of Americans even bother to vote we get what we deserve. No one forced Obama, no one forced anyone to reelect him. Granted the alternatives were not that great. Only 50 something percent bothered to even show up. 
  5. i don't see how that would be possible, taxes get taken out of our checks automatically as with several other things like social security, medicaid, and obamacare(or whatever you want to call it)
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    Actually you can sometimes have the option to tell your employer not to withold taxes and that you will pay them yourself. Then you can just not pay them. 
  7. Yep. On your W-2, just put that you're married with 99 Dependants.

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    The IRS isn't as big and bad as your scare tactics(and theirs) would have you believe.
    My father didn't pay taxes for over 12 years, the only reason they found him is my mother wanted him to be straight with them because i was in the picture. He owed over 20,000$ in taxes and payed about 6,000$ if I remember right. Often times the IRS is willing to settle to insure they will get at least something and the settlement is normally a fraction of what's initially owed. A friend of my father's I met had owed the IRS a six figure sum, when they caught up to him and came to collect he explained he was broke, and had no money to pay them. They pestered him for about a year but in the end they just ended up dropping it because there was nothing they could do(other than throw him in jail obviously), I think he might've payed like 5K in total to them.
    Based on experience it almost seems better to owe them and settle later, at least then you get to keep more of your own money. Now I'm not honestly suggesting that as a good idea, and these people can(and will) throw you in jail, but several of the people I've interacted with who have had issue with them have gotten off lightly.
  9. no different from the tax collectors of old times, cept they build nukes and drones through a legal system
  10. Anybody that deliberately withholds taxes in tax resistance action, and thinks they'll get away with it, is very likely going to be in for a surprise.   This is not something that the IRS takes lightly.  
  11. People will always look for ways around taxation. It's natural to attempt to reduce the amount of theft that happens to you.
  12. Dumb idea.This is America, not some free country with Liberty or anything like that. They'll just throw your ass in jail and forget about you if you decide you don't want to feed "The System."
    There are totally legal ways to reduce taxes significantly, which make it unnecessary to put your property and assets at risk.     
    You forgot something, I fixed it for you.
  15. I'm laughing all the way to the bank.      
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    A much better plan would be to try and get 1 million people to march against the warmongering policies of successive US governments. There are over 2 million on the US military payroll including hundreds of 000's of "contractors" ( mercenaries). If this number was drastically cut then the US would be in a far better place financially.
    The problems the US Inc. has are down to spending more than it takes in. 
    I agree with you on the marching thing. Hey now I am a contractor and not a mercenary. I use no weapon for my job. I was in the Marines for over a decade, finished school and now work for the defense industry. 
    DoD, DoS all of them do not have the know how, the ability, the people to support all sorts of things...so like any company its outsourced. Take ATT for instance there entire IT Dept is outsourced. 
    The US Military can not do it all alone its a combination of civilians and military. Theres alot of waste I would agree on that but I know for what I do I work my ass off, have a great team and we 100% provide a great ROI. 
    You would not have many of the things if it was not for defense companies. Take GPS 2 which Lockheed has already put the first couple of sats in orbit. When that is complete you will be able to get a GPS signal in any building and at the bottom of a canyon. The accuracy it can provide is a quantum leap compared to todays. Lockheed build, designed and will launch them into orbit on there own rockets. 
    On the flip side you bet theres alot of waste, needless spending. 
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    Any technological advances made by the MIC are welcome but not worth the price that has to be paid.
    The US military and its numerous contacting companies have become a monster of sorts that now needs to engage in perpetual war to keep said monster fed and alive. By cutting off the food supply you kill the monster and thus make huge savings. 
    If you don't mind me asking what services do you provide as a contractor if you are not being utilized as a hired gun/mercenary ?
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    Well lets see over 90,000 people work for General Dyanmics, 120,000 people Lockheed, over 90,000 work for CSC, about 75k work for Northrup Grumen the listI go on and on. The vast if not all in some cases of them are not hired guns. Then there are a billion tiny outfits like Mantech that are worth less then a billion dollars but for instance they handle the entirety of the MRAP vehicle maintenance program. There filled with people that have Electrical Engineering, Aeronautical Engineering, Mathmatics, and a whole host of degrees. We can't put a rocket into space without the genis of them. 
    The main players in the guns for hire are Triple Canopy, Dynacorp, and whatever Blackwater is being called nowadays. They change there name alot. Aegis is one of the biggies but there a UK outfit. 
    The entire US Marine Corp Navy Intranet System is handled by EDS who got bought out by HP. That undertaking is a massive massive effort. Prior to them they had no intranet. It was networks that were built locally. No standardization, etc. The one that replaced it has its issues but it was way better then when I first came in. Contrary to popular belief the military does not always have high tech stuff. In the  year 2000 my Squadron I was working in had like 20 computers. Some did not even have internet connection. Its why EDS was brought in. 
    When people think of contractors they think of Blackwater. Well did you know that the entirety of the Border Patrols Information Network system is handled by General Dynamics?
    As for perpertual war..hmmm lets see. How it works is whatever branch has a Project Office. In that office a contract proposal is put out on the internet and sent to various companies contracting offices. It describes a need, a want, a price etc. Companies then have say a year to come up with a proposal. The proposals are presented before a committee, things are weighed etc. Then after usually many months while the companies wait to see who wins it they announce the winner. Funding then flows, people are hired development starts. Usually nearly all contracts are 1, 3 or 5 years and in all cases they are reviewed at a 3 month time frame. I know this because I did some of this at my last employer. Guess what we lost the bid for the contract and subsequently laid off. 
    As for what I do. I work on camera systems, networking, wireless infrastructure for my present employer. I also am a instructor on my gear. 
    Am I am some ominous blood thirsty person. No. I work outside all day in 90-100 degrees of heat work on equipment that is usually pretty heavy. We have cameras that weigh 90lbs. I work 8-12 hour days sweating my ass off, and usually dirty. Do I get compensated for my time. You bet I do. 
    Doing that does not mean I believe in any of the crap that has been happening in the last month. On the contrary its offensive to myself. Nor is serving in ones military make you a war monger. 

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