What if we ALL turned ourselves in?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by Mister Meaner, May 12, 2011.

  1. I was just thinking. What would happen if we got everyone we could, to turn ourselves in to the cops for possession (say half a gram each) at a specified date and time nationwide?
    We could overwhelm the system and gain an incredible amount of attention for the cause at the same time.

    Of course we could all end up in jail too...
  2. Great idea, but I doubt enough people have the guts/tenacity to do it..
  3. this is one of those things that is either genius or ridiculously stupid
  4. A good idea. But they don't HAVE to arrest you if they don't want to. I imagine only a very small percentage would actually get busted.
  5. They would love this too much.
  6. Its decisions like these that once allowed civil disobedience to be such a strong factor in shaping society.

    Good luck rallying the troops though. One person is hardly enough to make a difference and thats the problem.
  7. They'd probably just arrest all the blacks or any <insert minority group here>.

  8. False.
  9. its a good idea. but not many have the balls to go through with it.
  10. I had an idea such as this but instead of turning yourselves in, how about if you were able to get everybody, or at least the majority of pot smokers at specified dates and times in their individual states to participate in civil disobedience by lighting up and refusing to leave that would work.

    What are they going to do? Arrest millions of pot smokers...I think not

    But then again, no one will do this so fuck it....
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  12. Not stupid at all.
  13. I doubt them arresting everyone would be a big issue. You being arrested = profit.
  14. what if everyone just started walking around smoking tobacco out of bongs, and pipes:devious: after a while the police would not stop anyone and then we could walk around smoking weed:D we could all drink water out of beer cans and bottles too:eek:
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    We'd all get small fines, have to pay court costs, and possibly take piss tests for 6 months on probation.

    Honestly just convince all of the pot smokers you know to join the local NORML chapter and maybe sign some petitions. Really that's what it's going to take for legalization to happen, all 20 million of us need to stand up and be counted.
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  17. I would do it if I was with a bunch of people. Haha. :smoke:
  18. the documents provided don't actually address what was brought up- namely arrests, the whole discussion started with someone saying that blacks/minorities would be arrested. the pdfs you have provided only deal with convictions. this in and of itself is bias. overall white people who are arrested are more likely to be able to afford legal representation that is better than a public defender & so they are more likely to avoid a prison sentence, this doesn't mean whites don't get arrested it just means more are able to avoid jail time.

    why dive into all of this; my sociology class just went over all this material today (not pertaining specifically to drugs though) & the numbers we used were supplied by the FBI in a 2005 report.
    blacks make up 49 % of national prison population
    whites make up 36%
    hispanics make up 15%
    (there are 2.4 million people in prison now so you can do the math)

    in terms of overall population of the US (which is 308 million)
    blacks make up 12.6% or 38.8 million
    whites make up 64.5% or 198.6 million
    hispanics make up 15.2% or 46.8 million
    other is 9% or 27.7 million

    i dunno....i am NOT saying that the system is fair or treats minorities fairly (most of the time it doesn't) all i am saying is that there is a difference in arrests and convictions.

    back to the topic of the thread though...organize it man and ill join up, if literally 15+ million people "turned themselves in" all at once it would cluster fuck the system, even if no one was actually arrested and everyone was just given citations and court dates it would still backlog every state court system.
    solid idea (kinda one of those "fine line between genius and insanity" ideas)
  19. It would probably need celebrity endorsement and a national advertisement campaign. But it could happen.

    Make it happen bro and ill sign up.
  20. you have seen any of the riot vids on utube, for example...g20 in toronto...theyll just box you in and take you one by one.

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