What if they made a TV show about stoners?

Discussion in 'General' started by Higgy, Apr 27, 2006.

  1. Think of it as a mix of The Office on NBC and Comedy Central's Reno 911. It would be a "day in the life of" type show. Of course it would be acted out, but think about it. What type of storylines do you think we could set up for such a show?
  2. like a fake reality show about a smoking circle. it would be so funny. a guy lends his bong to his friend and goes on a ridiculous adventure to get it back.
  3. You'd have to find active stoners haha.
  4. They could have an episode where they get a new smoker and he is paranoid as shit adn they end up kicking him out of "The Circle"
  5. That 70's show is pretty much that. They could have very similar story lines. Like the episode where they get baked, and kelso pranks the white house. Then they think the FBI is watchin them and have to smoke all their weed. haha I love that episode
  6. Nobody would get it except us stoners
  7. and eric's parents get a package and they destroy it or something cause they think its bugged.
  8. i don't know how good it'd be, the script writers would probably just make it like stereotypical stoners, sitting in a room black lights and what not and just sitting tokin' it'd get pulled if it was like that.

    there's that show on HBO Weeds and it's about smoking and selling kind of from what ive watched
  9. littlet off subject but its kinda like in The Girl Next Door when the guy drugs him with E, the first time i saw the movie i hadnt taken E and didnt really get it, but after taking E its a lot funnier

  10. Yeah weeds, that's basicly a TV show about stoners in today's life.

  11. hahaha that episode is hilarious...and they think thers a walkie talki or sumtin in the vacuum that gets deliverd..lol so they destroy it hahaah
  12. yea, that shit would be so fucking funny............i would so watch that everynight........shit i just might stare in something lilke that, since it is the only thing i am good at....hahahahahaha:smoking:
  13. Yeah, That 70s show is one of my favorite shows. Ive seen probably just about all of them. And I saw that show weeds on itunes like a month ago. I bought the first episode and it was funny and suspenseful. I got the next two and hopefully Ill get the rest of the season.

    Edit: I cant leave out the Office. That show is hysterical.
  14. Of course it would have to be different than just sitting in a room with blacklights. I'm thinking more along the lines of episodic Harold and Kumar type situations.

    Think Harold and Kumar drug references with That 70s show-ish humor filmed in the same Documentary style as The Office.
  15. damn you all beat me to a that 70's show joke!

  16. Not your typical stoners... suburban stoners, people who have money to spend on good weed all the time. Great show. I watched the whole first season and it was a friggin' riot. :cool:
  17. I think it would be pretty hard to do, yet interesting.

    You'd have to make the characters deeper than typical stoners-- Harold and Kumar are stoners, but their movie has a lot of non-stoner jokes too. Same with pretty much every stoner movie: There's a lot of smoking, but the characters are regular people who happen to smoke (like Grandma's Boy).

    Weeds is a TV show that's sort of about stoners, except none of the characters are "typical" stoners, although they all smoke a lot of weed.
  18. I love Weeds on Showtime! What I love about it is the fact that if you were to "transplant" that town from California to North Texas, that could easily be any one of the more affluent Dallas suburbs... (For those in the area, think Coppell, Colleyville, Cedar Hill, Plano, South Lake, etc...) Normal suburban adults, smoking normally. Not breaking any other laws other than drug laws. That's extremely realistic to me.

    You also gotta love the random reefer smoking in The Sopranos. That's a show that's really inconspicuous about drugs... lol.

    -Antwan L.

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