what if theres a lot of famous people that use grasscity

Discussion in 'General' started by VagDiddler, Jan 9, 2013.

  1. like we know a lot of rappers smoke weed

    it'd be awesome if lil wayne post on gc but disguised as a regular person?

    is anyone here like openly famous?
  2. I heard Joe Rogan is floating around here somewhere ;)

  3. Really? What's his user name, I want to ask him to fight me in the octagon.

    It's on my bucket list.
  4. I doubt many celebrities have time or are interested in posting on an open forum like this, however there are definitely exceptions. I love the Joe Rogan Experience, to the poster above me. I sometimes play it while I'm driving to work.

  5. he would be commentating the whole time

    "listen bro you see how i have your left armed trapped with my knee. im about to put you in a omaplata"

  6. really you think celebrities are too busy to use the internet?

    who updates lebron james's twitter then?
  7. another Rogen who is likely to be here is Seth Rogen


  8. yea im like 75% sure he smokes weed in real life

  9. isn't it more like a fact that he smokes weed, than a probability.
  10. lol idk i dont really keep up with celebrities

    although i heard j-biebz is smoking on that good shit

    maybe he signed up for a grasscity account too

    maybe he is me
  11. Bieber is smoking his mom's pussy hairs

    and if he came to GC I'd flame him then leave forever

  12. really what if i told you i smoked pussy hair once

    would you leave forever
  13. Habaha yeah i know for a fact that joe rogan is on here. Ive talked to him and he admitted it. I cant tell you his username. You just gotta hope he reads this.

  14. what if i make a thread and its all like "joe rogan is a pussy ***** bitch faggot"

    the person that defends him

    is probably himself

  15. I could only dream that he walks among us commoners in this forum. :eek:
  16. A lot of people would defend him.

  17. Not my point, in fact you missed it entirely. A social networking tool as unique and widely used as Twitter is by the mass population including a large amount of celebrities makes sense. It's a communication tool, bringing fans, associated individuals, and friends together via a single website. It is also recognized by most which would draw more attention. In no way, shape, or form do I believe they are "too busy for the internet". You misinterpreted what I was saying.

    I do however, am sticking to the idea that there probably aren't too many famous celebrities, who smoke or don't smoke, that hop on GrassCity.com too often. It's a forum filled with people who enjoy one thing, weed. You can be anyone on here, including a celebrity.
  18. What is going on here :confused:

  19. 100% fact :) One of the first times Kevin Smith smoked as an adult was with Seth Rogen on the set of Zach & Miri Make A Porno (kind of what made him start again) and he tells a lot of stories about it in his stand up comedy.


    Go successful stoners goooo~
  20. I'm the guy in the yellow suit from gangnam style

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