What If There Was A Heaven Made Just For Stoners

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  1. Hey blades I'm smoking some fucking dank ass skunk and I just got a thought, what if there was a heaven just for stoners. And like there would be fields of every strain possible and they would have pretty much every smoking utensil possible to suit your personal needs. Just a thought :smoke:
  2. There would probably be a lot of weed.
  3. Yeah, perhaps. I would not hold my breath on the whole "heaven and hell" thing, though.
  4. I'm far from religious. And don't believe in either, but i just think it would be cool if there was a stoner paradise in the afterlife.
  5. What if normal heaven was this supposed stoner paradise, and when you got to the pearly gates, St. Peter instead of asking you bullshit questions about living in servitude of your savior, simply mimed puffing a J or sparking a bowl. If you responded properly, he opened the gate and you were allowed entrance into heaven (stoner paradise). If not, he pulled his lever and you got sent straight to hell to spend eternity with the people responsible for every drug law in existence. Conservative Christians would think St. Peter was trying to test them, and would likely fail. That's a heaven I can get behind.
  6. imagine there's no heaven
    it's easy if you try
  7. No hell below us
    Above us only sky
  8. In stoner heaven you'd find Bob, Jimi and Janis and get to jam with them for eternity.

    Stoner heaven kicks normal heaven's condescending ass!:D
  9. imagine streets paves with hash, rivers of honey oil, and houses made from bricks of hash, massive forests of extremely chronic ganja. just imagine the smell. caverns of pure crystal LSD, DMT, and every other psychedelic imafinable, as well as nonaddicting forms of meth, coke and heroin.
    Imagine the brilliant philosophical minds there, like Carl Sagen, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, hell even Jesus. Imagine the great singers/band members there, Bob Marley, Jimi Hendrix, Syd Barrett, and Rick Write, just to name a few.
    ya, that's pretty much paradise
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    i think that there would be a constant blaze of the most potentest *im aware thats not a word lol, but i am using it to depict images* bud on earth times like a zillion, so all you would have to do is breathe

  11. Then i'd smoke blunts in the sky.:smoke:
  12. and I just came,
  13. I love you for mentioning Rick Write :hello:
  14. I think if a heaven and hell really exists, it would suit every individual persons dream. So if you want a stoner heaven, then there will be a stoner area of the heaven we all go to

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