what if the whole world smoked.

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by dreams3232, May 12, 2010.

  1. what would happen?
    world peace?
    world stupidity?
    world laziness?
    world creativeness?
    better or worst world health?
    wat do u think?
  2. Humans will be humans. Nothing will change.
  3. guarenteed there'd be PEACE NOT GREED
  4. a serious lack of weed!
  5. I think we would just have a lot of people who smoke weed, I doubt it would change much. A person doesn't automatically become good just because they smoke weed.
  6. There'd still be war between the rich and poor.
  7. I don't think there would be world peace. IMO, peace isn't something you can buy or smoke, it's gotta come from within. Weed may help some people find peace, but I don't think it can change a person by itself.

    Again, I don't think the world would become more creative. Just because you smoke weed doesn't mean you can write Bob Dylan's lyrics or paint Picasso's paintings.

    As far as I know, weed doesn't cure diseases, just helps the person manage them. In all likeliness, health would get worse rather than better - Some people will fuck up their lungs, and some will eat obscene amounts of junk food (as if that isn't enough of a problem already).

    So what would change if everyone smoked weed? I don't know but I'm leaning towards - Not much.
  8. everyone would be in jail.
  9. alot of differences between people would fade away, but weed can't fix everything. there would probably be a lot less hate in the world, and a lot of people would be more chilled out. and if everyone vaped, lungs would still be 100% no damage.
  10. true... weed doesn't change people much outside of the high.
    douchebags are still douchebags when sober.
  11. i mean we smoke so much that noone is ever sober
  12. Well, i guarantee the smell of weed would be everywhere, and even though i like the smell it would really get old.
    A lot of people would be happier, some would become less happy, i guess.
    Maybe a lot of people will open their minds, but many people will remain the same.
    A lot of people like me would become less motivated.

    All in all im going to have to agree with most of the people here and say not much would happen.
  13. in that case... idk
    it would work if all the world leaders got together and smoked mad blunts and solved their differences that way. no one would want to nuke each other, because they'd all be good smoking buddies.
    and in school, all the kids got together in the auditorium and fishbowled it :smoking: no more fights! 100's on all the quizes! my friend actually got the only perfect score in chem... he's the D student, he didn't cheat, he just was baked
  14. simple, what happens is we build a bunch of errors and supersticians about the birth of robots and then its like we're precreating its fate in this world already and we can probably trick it to do awesome things
  15. haha!
  16. If the whole world smoked a spliff at once. I believe we would all pitch in and help each other get through the agonies of world hunger. That way we could enjoy the munchies in peace together as one.

  17. more like a serious...:smoke: need
  18. I believe there would be a difference

    magic would happen
  19. Guarantee you'd be absolutely wrong.

    All you gotta do is take a look at some of the posts in this very forum to see that smoking pot doesn't magically make you a peaceful, or peace-loving, person.

    Nothing would change. Everything would be exactly as it is now. A little weed doesn't change the human condition...that's something you have to work on yourself to change. And it's an ongoing process. You don't just smoke a j and all of a sudden become peaceful.
  20. id pu down this grett and light up this zoot and roll round town and hope to bump into a police officer with balzing red eye :D

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