What if the true meaning of our existance is to...

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by Digit, Aug 4, 2003.

  1. create an ecco system for bacteria. to be nothing more than a home to the germs and bugs and viruses etc.
  2. omg. we'd be one huge experiment!
  3. ohhh yes it would!
  4. aaaaand.... maybe this is just getting abit to weird but....
    what if.....
    there is/are a collective consciousness/consciousnesses on that small level and they are teh true masters of the universe. comunicating on a quantum mechanics level.


    or do ya just think i been smokin too much? lol

    ... cos you can think that if you want.. but i havnt had so much as a Quarter in the last 6 months.
  5. yeah, that is weird. lol.

    no, i spose it could happen. why not. i'm sure there's thousands of things goin on as we speak that we don't know about. way out of our league probly.

  6. You bastard! You stole my idea!!!

    heh, actually I honestly theorized a while ago that each and every living thing was a universe in of itself inhabited by an inconcievable number of life forms. I've said before that the opposite of entropy is life, meaning that it's the only thing that can consitantly counter it. Say you're some hyper intelligent race of aliens who's universe is slowly degrading, what do you do? make the universe sentient so that it can maintain and protect itself thereby ensuring your own survival for however long it lasts.

    I'm no expert on time but it could be that one of our lifetimes is equivalent to a few billion years on their level.

    This would also explain why evolution causes us to survive above all else and started on a tiny molecular level.

    The little people inside of me told me so.
  7. just as plausible that mice are here to observe humans. not very in other words. sentient thought (the way we know it) requires a certain amount of complexity that germs and bacteria and other one-celled oraganisms by themselves or magically through QM are not in possession of.

    just coz' QM might seem "out of this world" it does not mean that it is a magick word to make possible anykind of hokus pokus just b/c it can be imagined by us. but we've already discussed this in the telepathy thread :)

    if you wanna use QM this way, you could just as well claim that all matter and energy in the universe is somehow part of some sentient entity (read: god). whether it's organic or not should not really matter.

    and if you put some thought to it, you will also realise that "god" is an impossibility. so the entire construct comes tumbling down. QM or not.
  8. :rolleyes:

    well zy there you have it.
    i dont believe in "god", and absolutely certainly not in any traditional sence. but i do believe that it is possable (of course tho highly doubtful) there is a(? or multiple grand scale) sentience to the entire universe/cosmos/multiverse/whatever you want to call it.

    there's no such thing as magic. you know this, i know this, you know i know this, and i'm sure we both realise that "magic" is much like "god", its just a primitave way of describing that which we cannot yet explain.

    Quantum Mechanics IS the linking of matter and energy throughout the universe.

    aaaanyways... thats all besides the point.

    what i'm saying is if its the single celled lifeforms who are upto everything. i mean after all.... arent they our anscestors? didnt they start life of? hehe.

    ok ok... i know this is like one of the weirdest things i've come out with...

    i'm only saying, what if?
  9. well then... maybe we should turn to them for a few answers to the problems in our world.

    maybe if we all just split in half a bit, we could finally have peace in the world.

  10. i'm sure theres some who believe more than u!

    ur freakin me out with the anscestors shit tho lol

    what if theres a mixture of gods creations and "theirs".

    i've heard of some freacky shit. who knows? that's the big question and do we really want to know anymore than that if its true. i don't know. yikes lol.

  11. hahahahahahaha
  12. I love talking about this stoner shit, I feel so at home here...

    I beleive, somewhere in the universe, there is another planet with people. If you think about it our sun is a star.. just like the ones in the sky... so doesnt that mean that those stars(suns) could be incubating another planet like our sun does for us. Pluto has 3 suns... so what if pluto isnt just apart of OUR solar system but a total different 2! with more plantes.. We as a race will never find other people or visit any planet other than what is in our solar system.. but i want to so bad.. i want to go to a new planet and be god... id be so rich
  13. pluto is just a piece of rock orbiting around sol with the rest of the kuiper belt. not to mention the pieces going around in the oort cloud. anyhow, i get the point. yes, very likely there are some kind of intelligent life out there. but where, and will we ever get in contact with it (considering little things like distance, time and souch) that is a totally different matter.

  14. no wonder im depressed
  15. We are homes to hundreds of bugs etc. but I don't think that it's the sole meaning of us being here, just a thought but what if we all lived in a Monoverse? Don't really know what that means but read it somewhere and now I have spent last couple pf weeks thinking about what would a Monoverse be?

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