What if the Mars Rover Curiosity

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  1. finds signs of past life?

    How would it effect humanity?
  2. Well define life. Are we talking intelligent life or stuff like micro organisms?
  3. Micro organisms and fossils
  4. It would certainly make my penis rock-hard.
  5. Possibilities endless. I'd be willing to bet that the science community would start pouring billions or trillions more into exploration!

    Say hello to space colonies! :hello:
  6. Well I don't think id effect humanity much other than a lot more money would be put into exploration. But there's not much we can do. Send a probe to Europa I guess. Everything else is to far away to do anything else other then looks and messure
  7. Pics?:ey:

    Seriously though, if it found some sort of germ or something it really wouldn't define humanity all that much. If at all. Unless it started killing us. Or magically healing people. But if it found some aliens and proof of intelligence out there, then I'd consider it a big deal.

    Maybe we'll do more space exploration.
  8. We already found evidence of mars past. If they find any more they are going to continue doing all they can to make sure you don't find out.
  9. Depends on what it found. Fossils of a long dead animal like (i.e. non-humanoid) race or ruins or bones of intelligent life.

    In terms of instant impact it'd be the only thing in the media. All the trivial celebrity based nonsense would hopefully disappear for a few months. Expect to see a massive backlash from established religion (i.e. the Vatican) if it found proof of intelligent life and civilisation. Huge increase of funding to scientific institutions, especially the space agencies of various nation-states. Probably a second Space Race between the East and West in a rush for permanent settlement of Mars and better exploration of the other planets in the Sol system.

    But after a few decades of having that knowledge I'd expect human society to be unrecognisable. That's how big a question it is (life off of Earth, not necessarily just Mars). An answer either way would be the biggest thing to happen to humanity since we found out how to make fire.
  10. What if they went up there and found some ancient remnants of Mesopotamia or some shit. I would laugh,right after I cleaned the shit out of my pants.
  11. What if the rover was contaminated with germs for our planet and we leave them there, they live and bammm we have life on mars. Crazy shit right there
  12. [quote name='"blowinStr8Kill"']What if the rover was contaminated with germs for our planet and we leave them there, they live and bammm we have life on mars. Crazy shit right there[/quote]

    They thoroughly sanitize landers to prevent contamination from earth
  13. The Space mission the Government never told you about..
    America had been testing radiation of chimps in space, these chimps were sent to Mars on what was considered a research mission. No one was prepared for what would unfold, the moment we made contact with the Red Planet something went horribly wrong - the chimps escaped. The mutations they received made them uncomprehendingly intelligent, gaining knowledge from the limited amount of resources on board they discovered how to function with limited amounts of oxygen for long periods of time, let's just say humans won't be the first species from Earth to colonize Mars.


  14. Well we believe we have found fossils of micro organisms in a meteorite so I doubt that would change much but if we found intelligent life well I think there would be a debate to either find them or leave them alone.

    I would vote for the latter.
  15. What if it finds extant life?

  16. They wont tell us if they find life forms or anything of significance.

    I personally don't think they are even on Mars, it all just seems too scripted to me. Maybe they are just in PEI or something, I dont know.

  17. Why? They've told us that's why they are going, why would they lie and try to arrest any discoveries that are pertinent?
  18. Seems legit.

  19. They dont Tell us half the shit that goes on here on our own planet, why would they tell us what is happening on Mars (if they really are there)? If they found little green men up there it and told us about it, it could cause a "global pandemic" or some shit

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