What if the entire world was STONED?

Discussion in 'General' started by Faded Skies, May 5, 2011.

  1. That's right. Every man, woman, and child are all stoned at the same time. All 6,775,235,700 of us are baked as fuck, what would happen?!? :smoke:
  2. Paranoia, confusion, massive orgies.
  3. There'd be no more weed left
  4. Evolution

    Nt really, probably a lot of laughter and fun

  5. Wasn't thinking about logistics when I posted but good point :eek:
  6. I think that would be pretty dopeskies they'll be no more food left though people would start eating eachother and shit mad ass munchies
  7. Think of all the power hungry leaders that have never been high before!

    "hey man... how about we just launch icbm's at xxxxxxxx,"


  8. planes would crash, work wouldn't get done, and obama would start posting milk videos on youtube

  9. lol they would probably get side tracked on the way to do it and forget about it.
  10. :eek: Doritos/Pepsi would be bigger then microsoft
  11. that is something i would looooove to see

  12. touché, they'd go buy a $500 meal to satisfy their munchies.
  13. chaos. every smoker knows at least one person who is a complete asshole when their stoned and at least one person who freaks the fuck out when their high.

    A lot of paranoid people, a lot of people freaking the fuck out. Also consider people working with machinery and in dangerous jobs. People could die because of stupid mistakes.

    It would not be good.
  14. confusions of reality with dreams,
    random mating
    poop breaks
  15. Some people get paranoid and anxious when they smoke. So we'd have happy, hungry, sleepy people and paranoid people hating their lives.

  16. Stoned world = ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE!? :eek::smoke:

  17. Moaning, sluggish looking people meandering around everywhere? I can see that happening :D
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    Lol hell yeah cannabis caused cannibals to form
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    Prolly went to McDonald's after. There are McDonald's everywhere lol.

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