what if Tesla progressed instead of Edison?

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  1. well, as the question says, what if Tesla progressed instead of Edison?
    remember that tesla didn't progress much because Edison defamed his theories. and it was like a mafia (? .

    Nikola Tesla (1856 - 1943) . so you can read about tesla.
  2. We'd have a shitload more cool stuff
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    What an amazing guy. Now i will forever know the edison i looked up to as a child was a skeevy bastard
    we need more teslas

    our problem with society is we value well roundedness too much. For people to excel so greatly in a certain aspect of their life and in a certain function of their brain, other aspects and brain functions have to be somewhat lacking.

    notice how the most amiable, likeable people are usually not masters of any one thing? Or even smart? (look at a great majority of our politicians (namely republican but im not here to argue politics) They get elected because theyre personable, then we realize theyre borderline retarded when they have to do Anything, like make basic decisions, or use words actually in the dictionary (i.e. George w. Bush)) and the genii are always slighly loopy? encourage your kids to loopily follow what theyre good at instead of raising them to waste time fitting in with the bs pretenses of the world and we will have a rockin next generation
  4. JP morgan did him way more harm than Edison.

    Not to stray onto the topic of conspiracy theories, but i have to since the theories about current events, and rule over the world by bankers, is closely related to Teslas life and discoveries.

    JP Morgan was funding Tesla.
    JP Morgan destroyed Tesla when he found that the technology tesla was creating would be unable to be metered or measured, and therefore, unable to be profitable.

    Not only would it not be profitable, it would hurt big companies like JP Morgan because everyone anywhere would have access to electricity without wires. JP Morgan had pretty much a monopoly on copper cabling, which was being used for telephone and electrical connectivity.

    No copper wires = JP morgan loses money.
    No metering on the electricity = Everyone everywhere has free electricity = No one makes money off it.

    Notice how JP Morgan is now one of the biggest banks there is? and is considered part of the elite, global banking dynasty. AKA illuminati

    Think about it. If Tesla succeeded (Which he did. His technology was pretty much ready) There would be no big oil companies. No big electrical companies. Because to make electricity, you need oil.

    See how this plays into the whole conspiracy? If he succeeded there would be no oil requirements, there would be no polution, no wars (which lets face it, are ALL about securing oil) reduced poverty and better living for poor countries who have no electricity or running water.
  5. Tesla is a badass band

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