What If...shit didn't matter?

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  1. What if like some terrible event just happened that changed all of our lifes. We wouldn't be able to carry on like we had before anymore, and all the tiny bullshit we worry about day to day would suddenly be pointless. Like this paper I'm doing my best to put off until the last minute. What if I wake up tomorrow and suddenly that paper doesn't mean anything?

    I guess I just find that the majority of our lives we focus on tiny insignificant little things that don't matter at all in the grand scheme of life. What if tomorrow the entire east coast is simply blown to shit? Or perhaps....The volcano underneath Yellowstone erupts and no one wakes up cuz were all fuckin dead.

    Dunno I just feel that there are certain factors currently affecting my life, and they have no purpose in the grand scheme of what I want to do. Its like I'm in a mental prison that I've created. Almost everyday I wake up and feel like emptying my savings account and heading off somewhere to start my life as I want to.

    I don't want to spend the majority of my life in misery doing something because its whats "Normal" or because its what people expect me to do. I want to live my life in happiness, and feel free to do what I want to achieve the goals I've set for myself in life.
  2. Technically, nothing you do matters anyway.

    You just amuse yourself until your demise.

    Sad, but ultimately true.

  3. There is this guys signature you should read.
  4. shit only matters if you let it matter. unless you got incurable cancer or some shit...
  5. aint nothin that matter smore than. idk. forgot what i was gonna say, but it was highly intelligent and introspectiv. did i use that right> oh well
  6. 240: the number of words you used to write the OP.

    240: the number of worlds you could have written in that paper.

    The amount of time you spend in school is ultimately a minor investment for obtaining the credentials required for most good jobs. When that small amount of time is over, you will have the freedom and – more importantly – a better ability to do whatever you decide. That's the point.

    Now stop procrastinating with ‘ifs' and ‘buts' and do your work. ;)

  7. Haha I'm working on it! Almost done. I love school to be completely honest. I seriously wish I could get some type of advanced degree in an extremely important field and never worry about money...but thats just it. Money is the issue

    I currently go to CC and work full time. I feel like my life is completely miserable and I count down the days until I can save up enough cash to go back to state college and just kick it. Taking classes that actually matter and challenge me.

    Ofcourse if I hadn't failed out in the first place maybe I'd have family willing to throw up that money to let me go back without having to pay for it myself ;) haha.
  8. exodus ill be gay with u lol

  9. You don't have to limit your education to school and classes. You can learn independently on any number of topics, and then apply that knowledge to a future course or work experience.

    While you apply yourself in CC, know that you have something a lot of people lack: a life goal. Each one is a stepping stone to that future you see being so far away. When viewed like that it can seem defeating. I know it can. But if you pull back and focus on the challenge that faces you today, you will instead see a row of triumphs trailing behind you.

    Sure, there will be setbacks and sometimes your life needs to change direction. Know that in the end, these detours are what make us. You are headed somewhere good.


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