what if republicans started endorsing marijuana reform

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  1. on the basis of the government not being able to tell you what to do in your own home

    how would you vote

    it might be more important to get everyone health care, but what else is a bigger issue than weed laws :)
  2. then the south might actually have a chance
  3. i still wouldnt vote republican quite honestly. although im toying with the idea of not voting for democrats either.
  4. It would not change the way I vote. I'm a libertarian so I'm pretty conservative.

    Surprisingly I think it's more likely the conservatives do something to get it legalized than the liberals.
  5. wouldn't matter.

    Vote libertarian.
  6. There is significant support within the Republican party for various forms of de-criminalization.

    The core of most that support, on the federal level, is that it should be up to the states what to do.

    If you want the laws you want passed in your state legislature, you should vote for small government candidates for federal positions. When the federal government is empowered the states are de-powered.
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    I'd support them.

    The democrats are barely closer to my beliefs than the Republicans, but for legalized weed, I'd give up on health care as long as they legalized weed.
    It's like voting for Churchill in WWII, lol.

    You deal with your priorities, then next election I can move on to my next issue. :(

    edit: just to be clear, the world isn't gonna end if the other political party goes into office, fundies and nutjobs aside.
  8. Libertarian FTW

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