What if pot was legal but fast food was illegal?

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  1. In a world where Marijuana is legal, the fast food often used to quell the munchies has been outlawed. Our news team infiltrates the two leading gangs of the new black market: The Macs and The Kings. This is our report:
    Running Time: 11 Mins, 6 Secs
    Hey guys, I had an account on here a while ago, but have long forgotten my username and password.  I looked around for a couple hours and finally decided to post this here, I'd love to hear the community's comments on it.
    I had a role in making this film after a couple friends came up with the basic plot line.  We're all students at a University that doesn't have an actual film program, so everything we know has been from an Intro class, or has been self-taught.  We generally shoot run and gun style, and have to (try to) work around a lot of people's schedules.
    For any filmmakers out there who notice specifics, I'd love to hear what you have to say on the production side of things, and if people actually care to discuss, I'd love to share stories/experiences working on this project, and short films in general.
    For everyone else, I would love to hear a completely random 3rd party perspective from.  I love constructive criticism, and c'mon I figure a bunch of potheads won't be THAT harsh... In general, if you have any thoughts on it, I'd love to hear them...and hey if you happen to like it, I wouldn't mind it if you pressed the little thumbs up button too ;)
    Just a warning so it doesn't take you by surprise there is a decent amount of vulgar language in the film.
    Thanks in advance guys !

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  3. Ahh well I'm glad the one person who liked it was banned after 4 posts. Oh well, at least it was worth a try :)
  4. Id start slingin it. Got yo heady McNugs here! Need a mcdouble? I can get one with MAC SAUCE. 50 a slice, one benji a box.
  5. This reminds me of the south park episode where KFC gets shut down and a mmj shop opens in its place

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