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What if oxygen were addictive?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Stoned to Sleep, Mar 25, 2004.

  1. What if people are just addicted to air and THATS why we need it so bad? It just has really bad withdrawl symptoms maybe?

    Or maybe I'm trippin.
  2. i have had this thought before, i agree, you ever hold your breath for a really long time and then take a breath and you get that rush again, its like a big line of coke, oxygen is my drug of choice, fallowed closely by maryjane
  3. No doubt, if it were addictive, the government would try to ban it. I mean, we can't be having children addicted to breathing could we?;)
  4. Ever see fight club? The air coming out of the masks on airplanes is pure oxygen and makes everyone on the plane calm so they accept their fate instead of freaking out. Everyone take big slow deep breaths for a minute or two and see if you don't feel oddly calm. It's like a drug, one that I'd die without. lol
  5. pure oxygen is also highly flammable.

    i don't think it's addictive. if oxygen is addictive, then so is sugar, fat, protein, water etc etc.

    you won't die if you don't get your fix of heroin. you'll just really really want to die.
  6. I have to say that I'm addicted to sugar. It wouldn't kill me to quit, but I know I'd have some withdrawal. I'm also a little addicted to caffeine right now. There are a lot of things that are addictive to degrees.
  7. Hello, im dr krapp and im an air-holic.

    air cooled nut that is!!!!!

    but i dont think u can be addicted to it, before bioigy u didnt know why u breathed, just that u did.

  8. its not the oxygen itself thats flamable, all oxygen does is fuel flames, and pure oxygen is so much fuel it makes the flame grow rapidly... i dont know if that made sense, but im stoned...
  9. Oxygen is addictive or we wouldn't do it would we... lol
  10. actually, if you put a strong enough oxygen mixture in an area, even a little spark will set it off.

  11. Thats the reason when someone farts on a flame, it kind of blows up!!!!!!:D

    Oxygen is a hazardous material.. You really should have a hazmate license to breath it!
  12. Sorry guy farts are methane :)
  13. There was an experiment once... these guys tested the strength of two grills... they used a generic grill, a name brand grill, charcoal, and lighter fluid in well as liquid oxygen.

    a burning cigarette was dropped into a container of liquid oxygen situated right above the grills (or something similar, I forget exactly what)

    Needless to say, one of the grills vaporized completely; the liquid oxygen was an oxidizer to the combustion, causing it all to burn at once.

    Liquid oxygen is also used in the launching of rockets and such from earth...simply because its an excellent oxidizer.
  14. just make sure that no oil gets anywhere near a cylinder of oqygen, oxy bottles do indeed go off like a rocket....!!......Peace out.......Sid

  15. Can you say sarcasm??? :D
  16. Im just thinking now, seeing as we origally evolved from water organism, into land organism, could we as fish or other types of water creature have become addicted to air after perhaps getting too much of it while investigating the surface?? then ended up evolving to breathing oxygen rather than living underwater. Hmm...
  17. We are instinctually addicted to breathing, it is an adaptation.
  18. heh, i just finished watching the movie fight club and that's what one guy suggests in a plane

    damn, wang beat me to it. didn't read the whole thread
    yo heat blitz that's a trippy thought. not totally impossible.
  19. water dwelling organisms still breath oxygen. Most use gills to filter oxygen out of the water.

  20. Text is the best way to convey sarcasm :D

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