What if one plant is ready for water and the other isn't?

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  1. I have 9 plants 3 weeks into veg and the soil in each pot doesn't seem to dry as fast as others? Wether it's because a fan may be blowing closer to the pot and making it dry out more or they are different strains that drink differently or whatever.. how should I go about watering? Wait until the ones that still have moist soil on the surface to dry and let the dry ones get even dryer? Or just go ahead and water because some of them are ready?

    Basically is it better to let soil dry out more or is it better to water sooner? They are 3 weeks old they got transplanted 1 week ago and topped 2 days ago (didn't get stunted at all, just kept growing.. noticeable growth the next morning) I watered when I transplanted on the 21st and I watered on the 25th or 26th I forget..

    Will edit some pics in this post in a few minutes just need to take them and go to my computer
  2. It's better to underwater than overwater if you had to pick one.
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  3. Water schedules for pots don't work. Water the pots that feel light and don't water pots that are heavy (wet).
    Your 9 plants will grow at different rates which means water needs for each plant will be different. Always use the lift technique. If it's light water...
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  4. Cool, thanks for the replies guys!
  5. Bluemats are nice too
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  6. when in doubt always better to wait another day. underwatering is easily fixed, overwatering can take forever to recover from.
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