What If Musicians Were Still Treated Like Celebrities?

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  1. I got to thinking a little while back about what it would be like if NEW musicians were treated in the ways that movie stars are? When i say musicians i dont mean people like justin beiber or katy perry, I mean people in the currently small bands. Bands that go out on tour 10 months out of the year in a shitty van with next to nothing for food or other expenses.

    If you look at bands like motley crue, van halen, etc. they were paid enough that they could live glamorously like movie stars. Mansions, expensive cars, all of those things regular folks dream of.

    But nowadays we have musicians portrayed as starving, which many are. They sacrifice a normal life for their art, and get payed very little for what they do. I heard something (not sure where but it was from someone in motley crue im prettu sure) that said bands in the 2000s arepaid around 10 cents for every 10$ album sold. Everything else goes to shipping the cds, company executives, making the cds, etc.

    So thats where my idea comes into play. What if bands ACTUALLY MADE MONEY OFF THEIR CDS? What if bands anywhere from The Sheepdogs, to The Black Dahlia Murder, to any genre whether its rock, country, metal, anything really, were living like celebrities. What would our world be like?

    Music is a beneficial thing to everyone and most people dont realize that. The average person really just likes music to be that thing that goes on when they drive their car. They wont go buy cds, they just listen to stuff on the radio. Maybe they will regret not buying a cd from their favorite band when all the good bands cant put up with living on nothing anymore.
  2. If they're touring in a shitty van then obviously they haven't become famous enough (i.e. a Celebrity), and are not treated as such
  3. But thats what im getting at. What would their music be like and how different would other entertainment industries be if they werent in shitty vans? What if they got the start bands actually were given in other generations. There hasnt really been much of a large rock movement since grunge.

    The 60s had the stones/beatles type era. The 70s had kiss, aerosmith, etc. The 80s had hair metal. 90s were grunge. The 2000s didnt have one big rock sound really. The only newer rock bands that got big were pretty much Wolfmother and The Darkness as far as i remember. So wheres our big rock movement?
  4. The record companies would rather sell 10 million records of bad music by one person with limited or no talent, than 10 million records by 100 artists that are talented.    
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    I wouldn't say Wolfmother and The Darkness were the big rock bands of our day, as far as I'm aware bands like Black Keys, Muse, The Strokes, Arctic Monkeys and Queens Of The Stone Age are much bigger than those bands.
  6. All great examples, but how mainstream are all of those bands really? Bands like van halen were seen to be equal with pop and other talentless music of the day (although it had more talent than now) but even above mentioned bands are still underrated. They dont make money off music, just touring.

    They could be much better off if they had money coming from both ends
  7. Yeah anyways to answer your first question it would be much more awesome if rock stars were idolised like they were back in the sixties and seventies with the like of Hendrix, The Beatles and Jim Morrison, music really meant something back then.

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