What if MOST men were asexual?

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by incrededibles, Jun 30, 2017.

  1. How would that change how females flirt?

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  2. Assuming most men were asexual and I wasn't then what would change for them is most women would at some point get to sample the taste of Dr Father Ted's hot sperm gargle - it's a guaranteed pick me up.
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  3. You seem refreshing

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  4. Perverted/sex addict is probably more accurate.
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  5. what is asexual lol?
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  6. What you will be if you ever see a picture of me in my birthday suit.
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  7. Harsh :(

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    Lol I looked it up. I could never be that. I will always like making love with my man.
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  9. It wouldn't be much different than now. Most women are chasing the top 10-20% of men, the other 80-90% might as well be asexual.
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  10. Girls would stop believing makeup makes them prettier and money would ultimately become useless.

    Rape would be legal too.
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  11. Even gay rape?
  12. If a gay can rape you, you asked to be raped.
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  14. I used to have a bird like the one in your avy. :(
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  15. Wh-what happened?

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  16. There would be an obvious rise in lesbianism...

    Gotta fill the hole in somehow. :GettingStoned:
  17. Call me sheila but isn't that part of the problem with being a lesbian....

    I'm with Mio Yianopodopodopodopdopdopdopolous - there is no such thing as lesbianism.
  18. you must have looked up asexual because if you had looked me up in my birthday suit then trust me you would need to bleach those eyes.

    I'm shitting you of course, because I'm fucking gorgeous.
  19. Wow this shit be funny

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