What if marijuana is the forbidden fruit from Adam and Eve

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  1. Skyjester,
    You asked a really good question, one for which I can’t give a canned answer. You may be right about my interpretation. You may be wrong. I really wanna know the answer. <sigh> I’m soakin’ up ancient Sumerian history/culture right now, but this is next on my list. Thought this was gonna be a thread about — well, not this. You guys are making me think.
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    ps Just reread your post. Gotta question for ya. Why do you translate knowledge of good and evil with self awareness? Also want to remind you that “leaving the possibility” <open for X > must not be misconstrued as THE plausible substitution.
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    I interpret it that way because of what's in the text. After eating the fruit Adam and Eve hid in the bushes from God because they realized their own nakedness for the first time. And God's first question to them was, "‘Who has declared to you that you're naked? Of the tree of which I have commanded you not to eat, you have eaten?"

    So God clearly equates the fruit with the self-awareness of being naked. Maybe Adam and Eve knew perfectly well they were naked before eating the fruit, but they weren't self-conscious or embarrassed about it until after they ate it. It's why I suggest considering what they were like before their "fall", and what the world would have been like if they had never disobeyed God. Billions of naked people walking around with zero shame. Sound good?
  3. If you think about it, self awareness fits the description of a foundation upon which the IDEA of good and evil may very well be built upon... All in all, it is a mind construct (and a nasty one) that keeps a lot of minds stuck...
  4. Nobody has ever explained why God put the fruit in the garden in the first place. Private stash?
  5. I think it was a vibrating banana with a set of twirling coconuts...

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  6. "He" didn't put it anywhere.............................the earth was formed......and then life...........and then we DESTROYED IT ALL almost as quickly as we received it........
  7. Well, life will thrive on earth for a long time... We might not be here to witness it but yeah... It will continue...
  8. What kind of life?
  9. The kind that was here before us and the kind that will be here after us... Cycle after cycle... the rise and the fall... maybe it's a """grand design""" ?!?!?
  10. Nah...........its just a NATURAL OCCURRENCE...........its kinda like either LIGHT or DARKNESS..........there will ALWAYS be one or the other....................and when it comes to lifeforms.............they are MILLIONS of different ones that can thrive in environments not suited to humans.......
  11. Well, if you look at the Fibonacci Sequence and/or the Golden Ratio, the term *natural* takes on a whole new meaning... Sure... it's natural, yet so perfect in it's "design" and endlessly reoccurring....
  12. I liken the 'Forbidden Fruit' of Eden to the Soma of the Indian Vedas.

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