What if marijuana is the forbidden fruit from Adam and Eve

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  1. I like this verse

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  2. So basically sayingnhe who is wise will not habor hate for medicine that comes from the ground
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  3. Good verse.
    Something to remember though.
    Man can never reconcile himself to the Father. Only by accepting Jesus as Lord can anyone be redeemed.
    Dont get caught in the religious trap of. You cant do_____.
    Unless it specifically says do not___ or you will face eternity in hell.
    The fact is every person alive today sins.

    Jesus gave 2 examples
    A priest prayed thanking God that he was not like the publican next to him, thanking God that he was perfect.

    The publican simply hung his head in shame beating his chest begging the Lord to have mercy on him for he is a sinner.

    The publican was justified before the lord while the one who bragged about how Godly he is was abased.

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  4. May not exist now....

    ... and all mammals have cannabinoid receptors. That would be a trip.
  5. If you don’t have faith, use your imagination. Why get caught up on something you don’t believe in? I think you want to be challenged... and that maybe some one, some where, in some time, will have the question or answer you seek.
    Or maybe you’re trying to pull others to the dark side.... muwahhaha.
    Maybe you’re just high... I know I am. Not looking to start trouble; just conversating.
  6. What if that plant did not exist except in Eden? It may well be something only the first couple had access to.
    There is a theory- forget the name- that runs along these lines: In the Beginning there was one continent. After the Flood, when the waters of the deep opened, it was divided as we know it. Ergo no modern access to the Garden.
    Maybe it’s the lost city of Atlantis? Or maybe something else. But always— maybe.
  7. It probably wasn't cannabis imo, because cannabis has virtually no psychoactive effect without heat activation. The Bible simply says they ate it. So my guess is either peyote or mushrooms, the first of which has been abundant in that part of the world for thousands of years.

    I wish this had been posted in the Religion forum, imo it's an interesting topic and not the only example of drug use found in the Bible. I was once nearly thrown out of a religion class in a Catholic school for asking why Adam and Eve's disobedience to God was a bad thing. Consider a non-self aware human species. According to the story, before they ate whatever it was, we were some kind of lab experiment or zoo exhibit for a more advanced form of life ("See, they have become like one of us."). Yikes. So I still say good for Adam and Eve. IMO God set them up for failure, i.e. why put the stupid whatever it was there in the middle of their garden in the first place?
  8. Christianity is blatantly just a watered down version of the sumerian belief system.
    The sumerians also say the first man was created in eden...but in their language thats the word for flat earth. As in without trees, ie there was no forbidden fruit tree of any sort. the phrase garden of eden literally means garden of flat land without trees or plants :)
  9. Adam and Eve also had navals even though they weren't birthed from a mother. So take what the Bible says to a grain of salt. Religion (first governments) was only created to set general laws 1000s of years ago when they're was no law system.

    I mean shit God is supposed to be all loving but apparently he still hates homosexuals lol.
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    When God asked them, "Who told you you're naked?" imo the proper response was, "Who prevented us from realizing we're naked?"
  11. Yup, hates women and gays but loves pedophiles and rapists. Otherwise we wouldn’t have created them. Also loves a good genocide. Black Plague, aids, sars, those wee maggots that feast almost solely on African children’s eyeballs.
    If he does exist then he is really the devil. for the greatest trick the devil ever played was convincing the world he doesn’t exist :)
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  12. C’mon now Sade,
    HOW do you figure Adam and Eve had navels?!? They been dead a while and no medical records have been discovered.

    On to your comment about homosexuality——
    We all have the freedom to choose our actions, but that does not mean we are free from the consequences of those choices. Think about it this way: you don’t lay your hand on a hot stove. You know the consequences. Most choose not to burn themselves. Good parents give warnings so their kids don’t have to learn the hard way. Those who ignore the fact that a hot stove will burn your hand still get burnt. Getting mad at the stove or their parents doesn’t stop the pain. There are consequences for everything we do- period.

    The Bible is pretty clear. God loved ALL of us enough to redeem us, to remove the stigma of sin from our souls AND to allow us freedom of choice. He cannot and will not abide sin but He gave us an out. The destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah sends a pretty clear message about His view of homosexuality- the SIN, not the sinners. He died for those people too. They just chose not to honor his sacrifice. ... And had to live and die with the consequences of their choice.

    We should all take religion with a grain of salt... and believe the Word of God.
  13. Eve was deceived into eating the forbidden fruit ,, Adam was not deceived ,, he ate of the fruit because he loved eve and didn't want to be with out her ..
    The Muslin religion believes eve was the root of all sin ,, this why muslin woman are always have their faces covered .
    Why a fare share of Muslin woman are not aloud out side the home and why muslin men kidnap their wife's site unseen.

    The family of the woman will never see their daughter again ..
    the men kidnap the woman and take them back home to their country ..
    All the countries ending in stan are this way ..
  14. Your post tells me that you forget or disbelieve that an individual has free choice. We are free to do good and we are free to do evil. Our choice sets the consequence in motion.

    Your post also tells me that you don’t believe God does good, but you do believe He is responsible for all the evil that men do. The Bible teaches differently, but it’s our choice to study it and our choice to believe or not. I’m always amazed that people choose not to believe in God because of, or while blaming, all the evil of the world on Him. Either you believe God exists or you don’t. It is illogical to blame or credit anything to a nonexistent entity.

    If you believe God exists, what are your reasons for laying all the evil of OUR individual choices at His feet? Consequences follow actions and exist regardless of our understanding or accepting that they exist.

    Why on earth would you think God hates women and gays but loves pedophiles and rapists?

    You are right about one thing; our Adversary is a master manipulator. As long as we stay too busy or too mad to actually learn who God is and what He has done and said, Satan wins. And we lose.

  15. Mornin’ Sky,
    I struggled with the naked thing for a long time, half wondering if God were some sort of pervert because the humans were naked. When you take into account that we were created in His image and that He is clothed in Light, their nakedness makes a bit more sense. They were not naked before the fall— just not clothed as we understand covering. They lost their light, their covering, when they ate from the forbidden tree. No longer covered as created, they fashioned leaves to cover themselves. God gave them more durable clothes made from the skins of animals for cover, stated the consequences of their sin and sent them out of Eden.
    I’ve also read where nakedness is partly equated to their new found vulnerability.
    Hope this helps you....
  16. Nope, got it entirely wrong mate.
    I don’t believe in god or the devil in the slightest.
    I believe that we have our own free will and that our lives and revelations are a direct result of our own individual actions.
    religious people believe that everything is gods plan and that everything happens for a reason. If bad things happen to you it is just gods way of testing your faith etc.
    That means if i did believe in god and I murdered your whole famil, I only done it because it was part of gods plan. god made me do it. Therefor you should relish in the fact that god has had a direct reason to murdering your family and be happy he did so.
    furthermore you should be absolutely extatic that your family have finally entered heaven which has been their life Long dream and I just made it happen.
    Me, the guy that murdered your kids, should be worshipped as a god as I was then one who transitioned them into the eternal bliss of heaven..

    pretty fucked up way to look at things but it’s true.
    Can’t have your cake and eat it mate.
    If god is responsible for creating us then he also creates every bad thing that ever happens.

    Oh and it’s a well known fact that the catholic/Christian clergys have a higher rate of pedos amongst their senior ranks than jimmy savilles snapchat. So yes, god absolutely loves pedophiles. Otherwise he wouldn’t choose them to represent him/her/it so often.
  17. So you believe old writings from a long gone civilization and elevate them over the inspired word of God? How did you come about choosing which to believe?

    Wow Archer. Let’s talk. First part of your post you state:
    I believe that we have our own free will and that our lives and revelations are a direct result of our own individual actions.
    You progress to:
    If god is responsible for creating us then he also creates every bad thing that ever happens.
    First, why? How do you connect our creation with creating every bad thing that happens? Is it your mom’s or dad’s fault when you make a bad choice? Those ideas contradict each other, don't you think?
    What did you say about not being able to have your cake and eat it too?

    I disagree with you about the rest of your post.
    You make “absolute” statements about what religious people believe. First, absolute statements are rarely right. The world is a lot more grey than it is black/white. Second you seem to equate Believers and religious people. There are “religious people” who do not believe in God. The Body of Christ is not a social organization, regardless of what disillusioned people may think.
    Your story of “religious people” being happy their family was killed cuz that meant the dead were on the road to heaven, believing that it was God’s sovereign desire that their family was murdered is a bit far fetched. As is the statement, “...if i did believe in god and I murdered your whole famil, I only done it because it was part of gods plan. god made me do it.” You KNOW you have the power over your actions.

    Believers know that no one— murdered or not— goes to Heaven unless they are born again. I don’t understand the leap from murderer to god at all. There are few who would deify someone who murdered their whole family.

    Archer, religious people are not always believers. Pedophile priests are abusers. They are men who commit evil acts under the cover of their office. What in the world makes you think God would CHOOSE such men to represent Him?
    I think you are making a mistake by not believing that God and Satan exist. They are at war for your soul and there will be only one victor. It’s YOUR choice which one wins. I encourage you to study this subject yourself rather than accepting emotions or someone else’s explanation as evidence of who God is.
    Your responsibility. Your choice. Your consequence.
  18. Yup, there will be only one victor mate. Me. No non existent fantasy entity will devour my soul.
    Religion is a cop out I suppose is my point. a way for people to justify their actions or inactions.
    Not everyone is religious is like that, I do realise. But the rest are just brainwashed into believing it.
    I do put the words of Sumerian’s over the word of god. Mainly because as I’ve already pointed out, Sumerian ideology was around thousands of years before Christianity and it tells the same fuckin story.
    Main difference being that the Sumerian’s say “god” was a physical being. The highest member of a race of physical beings that lived among us.
    Can’t tell me Christianity is real if you’re not willing to accept that the Sumerian’s were right. Seeing as they got their first I’d say they take top trumps.
    And they say your full of delusion :)
  19. Covering of light? Where does the Bible say that? It simply says man was made in God's image, the rest is your own interpretation. IMO naked is naked.

    Again, consider the human species before the so-called fall. The only thing the text tells us is that whatever Adam and Eve ate made them self-aware, so we know they were not so beforehand. No other changes including physical are mentioned. This leaves the possibility (straight from of a Twilight Zone episode) that humanity was some kind of enslaved toybox, just as humans keep pets. According to the texts of many ancients civilizations, from Egypt to Greece, this interaction between humans and something greater than humans included interbreeding.
  20. Hey Archer,
    I’m not into arguing but I do enjoy a friendly exchange of ideas.

    EDIT (Monday) I’ve been studying Sumerian history and plan on getting back with you on your Sumerian related points. B u s y week. It might take me a few days to complete my reply. Never fear— the longer it takes me to publish, the shorter the post. lol

    EDIT Just reread your post (Sunday) Can you please explain why you said..
    Can’t tell me Christianity is real if you’re not willing to accept that the Sumerian’s were right.
    I don’t understand your logic. But I am researching ancient Sumerian history.

    I started my response soon after you posted a couple days ago. Decided to comment on my silence. If you lose interest, I apologize. You asked a question that I didn’t understand. I wanted to understand so I began looking into ancient Sumeria. That is taking an incredible amount of time out of an already busy and stressful week. But I’ve learned some stuff and made new connections to old knowledge. For that I thank you.

    Just wrote the Monday edit but I’m too tired to cut and paste the two “edits” down here where they should be. Sorry.

    The original post — weed was forbidden fruit— was thought provoking. I haven’t concerned myself with the fruit in Eden was since I was a small child. I’m a Believer, and as such, I believe the Bible to be true. I’m also a Believer who has dropped out of organized religion because of it’s BS. I began personally studying the Bible— as opposed to a guided study of one component a la Bible Study Class/Group. While your disbelief saddens my heart on one hand, your obvious intelligence and almost a hint of— superiority? anger? — concerning belief in Yahweh intrigues me. I half expect you to spit at me or at His name. But I been wrong before.

    I’m aware that most ancient maybe all ancient cultures have either a creation or flood story or both. But, I’m unfamiliar with the Sumerian details.
    —————-and I started studying then and there. Will get back when I learn something.

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