What if marijuana is the forbidden fruit from Adam and Eve

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  1. So like, weed can grow to be a tree if it's growing wild and thriving. So what if the forbidden fruit they took from the tree was some buds and from the they "learned the knowledge of good and evil"? Makes sense to me, weed opens your mind man
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  2. No haha.
    I read it like a fantasy novel.
    Marijuana wouldn't exist in a place that doesn't exist there be it.
  3. I think they had magic mushrooms to bite out of. Why would the garden be on fire?
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  4. if you eat a lot of it then it still gets you high. Cooking it just gets you A LOT higher.
  5. oh no, I don't believe it myself. But looking at it as fiction, it's just cool to think of things deeper than what we learned in bible school.
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  6. So what you are saying is they went out of the frying pan, into the fire because the serpent was their cook? Did he saute the shrooms or just add herbs for spices because you know, the grass is greener in the garden.. [​IMG]

  7. Just a heads up. We are not supposed to mention or discuss other substances other than those specified in the rules.
    But yeah.

  8. my bad, i thought the "magic" beforehand implied wizardry and sorcery. I should get with the times and stop being in the dark ages. [​IMG]
  9. well i was damned long before i started smoking soo[​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG]
  10. Well, we wouldn't want any misunderstandings lol.

    David Copperfield is pretty fun to see high though. Blows your mind.

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    well your obviously not familiar with weed or the story. You don't have to heat it up before eating it, it just has a much stronger effect. And it's pretty obvious it wasnt any magical mushrooms because it's a tree
  12. i'm very familiar with the herb and the garden of eden story. I was correlating drug trips to alternative substances because, why not? I don't think God would've struck the giant tree of knowledge with lightning had Eve grabbed a "fig" from said tree and learned the devastating consequences of good VERSUS evil. The garden had all kinds of fruits, just the one He said not to touch may have been the precious herb. Nothing grows bad like fungi in the garden... that's for the dead and dying, which Adam and Eve soon learned was on the OTHER side of the fence when they were cast out.
    The serpent had a lighter but no hands to burn trees with... [​IMG]
  13. I can see your side.. I'm just saying for the third time, weed does not need to be heated or put on fire, to be potent.
  14. A thoughtful what-if.
    But God says all things that grow from the ground he created, and intended us to use. Marijuana is literally a blessing. It does so much good on a number of spectrums, how could a plant like that be forbidden?
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  15. I guess you don't know the story either so I'm done. Of all the plants, there is ONE that Adam and Eve were not allowed to ingest. It just makes more sense that it would be marijuana ( or possibly some other psychoactive plant) that they weren't allowed to eat than any other fruit that doesn't have any psychoactive properties (like apples). But yes, there was a plant that WAS NOT intended to be eaten. I don't believe it one bit, but just a high idea that I'm very disappointed no one else has the capacity to understand.
  16. Well if you know the story already then you'd know it was a forbidden FRUIT. Not a plant. I don't understand why your hung up on he idea that it should have been marijuana. It's not that no one is incapable of understanding you, it just seems like your trying to push the matter to the point of taking your ideas too seriously.
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  17. Cannabis was mentioned in the Bible but not as "The Forbidden Fruit". Look up the words Kaneh Bosm.
  18. as it turns out, fruit trees are a type of plant, and I could easily see someone calling the buds fruit. And it's not the fact that people don't agree that's annoying, it's just that all the answers I got weren't willing to think about it, uneducated, or just plain stupid. I grew up in Sunday school and stuff like that so I just got excited when I thought of that, but the answers I got were disappointing to say the least.
  19. I like your theory. It does actually make sense that the one "fruit" that is forbidden would be one that produced profound effects beyond nutrition. Cannabis does in fact grant the ability to see things from new perspectives and fresh eyes, thus explaining adam and eve learning the values of good and evil. Though i am not set specifically in any religion, i like to keep an open mind when interpreting the preachings. This includes not taking things too literally such as the iteration of "fruit" instead of "bud". The bible is full of hidden messages and if taken too literally, can missguide you. This is why your theory is credible.
  20. I really do like your idea. I'm not the most religious person myself, but I'm open minded. But I thought if anything God put weed on this earth for good. But hearing controversy about how the serpent (the devil) may actually be the good guy, just trying to show Adam and Eve the truth and what not. And how the punishment God gave all three of them was pretty cruel, which I agree. It doesn't sound like something god would do with all this "forgiveness" that is spoken of in the bible. So I do respect your theory and I find it an interesting topic to debate about with a hard Christian lol.

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