what if i want to use fluoros for veggin and flowering

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  1. im thinking about using having 2-3-4 plants

    my space is 2x3x4 ft( a lil less because i measured outside of 1'' thick wood, so all that- 1'')

    i dunno what fluoros to use thruougt, i know cool is good veggin, warm is good flouwiring

    which is good for both, or should i just go 4/4 5/5 6/6 etc.?
  2. Cool whites are best vor veggin, but warm whites are better for flowering.
    U can either change the tubes when u switch to 12/12, or just add warm whites in with the existing cool whites when u switch to 12/12.
    If youre looking for a good yield with flouro's, give em as much light as you possibly can without the temp going over.
  3. thank you, so far for a 2x3x4 soace i have

    272 watts of lights, in 20'' 2 feet and 3 feet fixtures.

    Or i can add some compact fluoros with 27 watts each, instead of 4 of them, so ill still have 6 3 feet ones @ 30 watts each, and then also 4-6 copmnacts @ 27 watts each
  4. Jorge Cervantes in Indoor Marijuana Horticulture states to use 2 warm white to every 1 cool white fluorescent bulb. This works great for vegging,but as for flowering I have heard it works but not nearly as well as HID lighting. How about using fluoro's for veg.and go get 2 150 watt High Pressure Sodium lights from Home Depot. I think they run around 60$US each. Use these for flowering. Your buds will be twice as heavy. Fluorescent lights just don't have the lumen output to flower a 3 fpoot tall plant. You may get a nice cola ,but that's about it. Not enough strong light will get closer than 6 inches away from the rest of the plant. With the HPS you will harvest double. PEACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. ive seen a post recently in another discussion board by a group of guys who use nothing but flouro's and have some pretty amazing grows to say the least,
    They get the lights as close to the plant as possible and with as much light as possible and it seems to work amazingly well with good yield.
    Not saying Flouro's are better than hps or anything but its possible to get as good a yield with a lot of flouro's!
  6. a link if possible?
  7. just go with half cool half warm

  8. i use fluros a lot for 1 thing or another in my garden. i think the key word in wot u said is the word LOT!

    on a lume per watt basis HPS pisses all over fluros. u can get really good grows from fluros but ther r many pitfalls to over come. shear size is the 1st 1. try hanging and ajusting 1000watts of fluros. and ajust them u will if u want to keep them 2 inch from ur plants. shape is another. most if not all fluro gardens u see that work well have bin built around the shape of the tubes rather that the shape of the room or the plant. this is ok if u only have a short long thin garden but most gardens aint.

    the best use of fluros is shelf gardening, cloning, short veg, keeping mothers, small low light grow boxs etc. 4 every other use a HPS of the right size is the better bet. even cloning can b done better under a HPS than under fluros if u plan to flower under a HPS. i personly think that raising a plant under the same kinda light from seed to harvest is a gud idea, plants can take a few days or even a week to ajust to a new kinda light and return to max growth.

    this may sound like im slaggin off fluros. i aint. i have in total 842watts of fluros kicking about and i use them all at 1 time or another 4 everything from starting seeds to flowering but when i plan a grow i plan to use a HPS to flower simply cus it gives the best harvest and its normaly a lot LOT easyer to grow with...... and cheaper, a LOT cheaper!

    just wot i think tho, i cud b rong.

    but i doubt it lol
  9. youre right!
    hps is the best, no doubt about it.
  10. Go with HPS, you will make the money back in the first grow with the extra few oz you get. And floros arent that cheap the 2" ones you would have to use are about $20 for a 2 tube setup so thats $80, and in the end you will be dissatisfied and go to HPS.

    I would do petes idea using 2 150 watt hps from home depot and grow a 2 plant SCROG.
  11. and i can get them @ homedepot yes? *the hps

  12. yes!
  13. damn right yes!! 150w for $45 (i love that)

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