what if i planted weed outside

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  1. would i get any yield if i planted weed outside say august 26th and it just sprouted? so say if the plant is only a week old by then. what would happen would i get anything off of it or would it just die because fall is like 2 months away please tell me.
  2. Who knows. You might get a pop corn size bud.
  3. If you have a place to bring it inside, do a science experiment. If you can give it some extra hours of light to keep it in vegetation stage longer, you might have something. Depending on where you live, CHRISTMAS BUD!
  4. nah man its too late.
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    if south like me i am starting plants out side now for a dec harvest i will get like a 1/2 z a plant and will plant 30 bubblegums and sweet tooth .all in pots .that will be like 400 to 500 extra grams of med . i have plants in and out doors just keep them going if you loose one ow fcking well still 50 going lol . :smoke:but i make my own seeds so i get like 500 seeds a year to play with .

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