What if i plant early?

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  1. Ok so i have read a lot about indoor and outdoor growing and i know that if i wanted to grow i should do it around july but i have a question wat if i plant earlier? Will it just take longer to grow and flower or will it be ready earlier?? Any information would be appreciated.
  2. hi !!! i can give you my exem!

    i live in quebec ,so i start my seeds in may , i put them in the wood 1frs week of june

    and depending the strain it start to bloom end of august begining september.

    so if you plant earlier it will grow biger but wont be ready earlier.

    and i try this if i use reg seeds and i start them to late exm. late in june and i put them in wood in july it will have more male than female.

    just look my picture

    this is mango strain igrow last year i'm just infront of it and it grow 15 feet tall

    keep it growing
  3. Thank you for your quick reply. I think i will plant them in july because i dont want the plant to grow too much. People might see it :p the seeds are feminised so i dont think i will have a male- female problem. Anyway thanks again and have a good harvest this year ;)
  4. It depends where you live. If I started a seed outdoor here in july it would be like starting it from 12/12 inside. Depending on strain prolly get like 1ft-2, yeild not so great also 1/2-1 oz

  5. You can always keep it tied/pulled down to the ground. This would minimize vertical growth and keep the plant down, can keep it below 30" easily. Also, this depends on the strain. It can ruin some. Just my two cents.

    So throw them out ASAP. Your yield depends on it.

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