What if I harvested @ 8 weeks ?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by iCultivate, May 27, 2010.

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    my 3 strains are :

    8 week (aprox flower time)
    9 week (aprox flower time)
    10 week (aprox flower time)

    thats what the website suggests .. and we all know thats a lil off in one way or another...

    what if i harvested all @ 8 weeks,


    soil / 400w HPS / 4 weeks veg
  2. Have they been flushed at all? The 8 weeker will most likely be heady, and the other 2 even more so. Especially with the longer flowering times, they are Sativa dominant anyway.

    High, yes. Potency, not as good as it could be. Duration, low-mid. Watch for paranoia and high heart rates.

  3. shit looks real nice.
    just getting tired of this batch... they are starting to yellow @ the leafs ect
  4. I've pretty much found the info on harvest times to be a wee bit short, I find its
    usually sometime after the recommended time by a week plus or so.
    Is there a reason you don't just stop by Radio shack & get 30X scope to read the
    trich's with.
    But yes you could harvest at 8 weeks, but on the longer flowering ones thats tuff, I've seen on a 9 weeker it did its growth spurt in the 7th week into the 8th week so I don't know about early harvests on the longer ones.
  5. Know all about it, Brother. My Strawberry Cough is at 7 weeks and looks ready to the naked eye. All the hairs have shriveled and changing colors ranging from deep redish orange to a beige with frost everywhere. But its still mostly clear and probably has 2 weeks to go at least like the guide showed.

  6. i bought a damn microscope from there ..
    it works ... i guess.
    its 60x - 100x ONLY
    cant do like 30x or nothing.
    cant even do exact numbers like 75x or 65x or 95x, its just a simple dial.

    but uhhhh, i use it, and i feel like such a noob saying this but, i dont really know what colors im lookin at.
    i see the trichs (for split seconds at a time cuz i cant get shit steady enough) and i see white .. idk if its clear/cloudy/amber.

    noob i knowwsss
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  8. You're better off shortening the light time from 8 to 11 hours to quicken maturation. You'll lose some yield, but they will be closer to being finished, and you'll lose potency and yield anyway by chopping a 10 week plant early, so.

  9. id + rep u if i could
    youv gotten tooo much love from me i guess lol
    gotta rep some other people first

    i think i seen a few redish/amber colored ones when i looked tonight, but it wasnt noticeably seen. so i got a lil bit more ttime.

    its been hell with this grow tbh, temps are fucking ugly. too high this time year, im like a few weeks from a good harvest, but i dont think ima wait the FULL ttime, ima just chop all the top / side colas thhhhhen clean the plants up a lil bit, and let em finish (the bottoms) , hopefully get fatter/heavier buds at the end.

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