What if heaven was like...

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  1. A never-ending replay of all the dreams you ever had ? What's some of your ideas
  2. Are you implying that heaven exists? :confused:
  3. I would be pretty fucking cool in that case. Until I'm being chased by werewolves and my feet are heavy as bricks.
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    The hell you talkin bout?
  5. I tried asking my Dad about heaven but he didn't give me a straight answer. My Dad passed away 4 years ago, a few days after his funeral he came to me and my siblings in a dream to inform us he was ok. I believe it was real since he said personal things to each of us. Anyway, I asked how he was able to visit me and if he was in heaven. He replied with "it's messed up, I made a messed up deal with God to be able to see you. Where I am is alright...". My brother said he asked my Dad the same question about heaven and my and told him "it's ok."

    So to answer your question....I'm not sure if I believe in heaven or not.
  6. ^^^

    thats pretty special
  7. Wtf. You better be serious :smoke:

    How do you know it wasn't because he was in your thoughts therefore in all of your dreams as well. And your imagination did all this. Idunno, but thats pretty cool :smoke:
  8. I think heaven is a mix of dreaming, tripping, and reality but it would feel like a completely new experience.

  9. Lol of course I'm serious!

    That's a huge possibility though since he did just pass at the time. However, what makes me believe so much in it is bc the dream occurred on the same night for me and my siblings and my Dad had told us all that he's ok and no matter where he is, his home will always be with my mom & us.
  10. Thats intense! Thanks for sharing

    It still kind of sucks we will never know if it was imagination or "real" (haha.. what IS real?). Well I guess you will, but not me :smoke:

    Sorry if im talking too bluntly or something, im high as hell.. and when im high as hell I just say whats on my mind :smoke:

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