what if g.c. were a d.e.a. front

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  1. i for one would be fucked lol
  2. I think alot of us would...lol
  3. My god you figured them out........for years just like the smart phones G.C has been collecting info on all of you for one of the biggest federal indictments in U.S history.......how do I know.....because I'm an informant for the greatest agency in the world....... ........................that's right, it's so amazing even I dont know what it is...better get to runnin you little reefer heads.....................sooooooooooooooooooo baked
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    For the record...agent 209, if that is ur real designation

    I use the words 'weed, pot, grass, reefer, ganja, cheeba, and doja' strictly as urban slang words for legal herbs and tobacco.

    I would be willing to prove this via drug test....in say about a month.

    *toke* (tobacco of course) lol
  5. In an unrelated note to drug testing, azo is an amazing cleanse that will pass through in only 2-3 days.
  6. Ok, correction...ill be ready in 3 days....

  7. I'd be in jail, I always forget to clear my browsing history, cookies, ect.
  8. Saying that would blow is an understatement.
  9. Stop giving them ideas.
  10. Maybe you should lay off the herb?
  11. DEA can suck my balls
  12. Dude stop giving the feds ideas
  13. Don't flatter yourself
  14. Grasscity is based in Amsterdam.
  15. So they say..:eek:
  16. I have no idea, but then again Amsterdam is not in Germany. :eek:

  17. LOL wow that was a huge fail on my part :D

  18. Dude..."them" way smarter than me !
  19. if this was dea they prob not let me post this

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